amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: Down for the CountThe race stays in Indonesia, where racers have to join a bicycle club to reenact a colonial patrol ride to a Dutch colonial fort, a task during which Ernie’s bike loses a pedal and drops him and his control-freak wife nearly to the back of the pack. From there, it’s off to a farm where they have to either feed rice farmers lunch and plant rice seedlings; or lead, feed, and water some very noisy and ill-behaved sheep. Both Detour tasks lead to a lot of spills in the rice paddy, especially for Cathi. Amani and Marcus, already in last place, mess up their first Detour choice and switch, widening their lag even further.

After the Detour, everyone heads to a Buddhist temple for a Road Block where they try to count the scores of Buddha statues, broken down by the statues’ four different hand positions, which turns out to be quite tricky for most teams. The father-son team of Laurence and Zac, working with the snowboarders, finish first, but get a fifteen-minute penalty for a bucket-related violation in the Detour, allowing Tommy and Andy to win their second leg in a row thanks to other teams’ screw-ups. Most of the other teams get terribly stuck on the Road Block, even Marcus, who got the correct answers from the snowboarders on the way out. Jeremy and Sandy, whose taxi broke down, actually catch a break in that they get to walk straight to the Pit Stop while other teams have to go back and pay off their taxis. Amani and Marcus come in sixth as a result of having fired theirs, and the race for last ends up being between twins Liz and Marie and showgirls Kaylani and Lisa. And it’s the latter team who ends up last on the mat, suffering Philimination two-and-a-half legs later than maybe they should have.

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