amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: Go Out and Get It DoneThe final leg of the race turns out to be in Atlanta, which just happens to be Amani and Marcus’s hometown. So at least they shouldn’t get lost, for once. Everyone gets on the same flight from Panama City to Georgia, then races to a place called FlightSafety International, where they have to perform a landing in a flight simulator. Jeremy and Sandy get there first, followed by Amani and Marcus and then Ernie and Cindy. Jeremy and Sandy succeed on the first try, while Marcus and Amani swerve off the simulated runway and Ernie and Cindy stall out. From there, they have to proceed to “The Dump,” which turns out to be the name of Margaret Mitchell’s former home. Ernie and Cindy land their fake plane on the second try, while home field advantage proves irrelevant in a flight simulator as Marcus and Amani fail ten more attempts.

However, Jeremy and Sandy end up at a furniture store called “The Dump” and are totally flummoxed, which allows Team Control to steal the lead. At the home of the Gone with the Wind author, a Roadblock requires racers to type out a clue on an old-fashioned Remington typewriter with out a “1” key, and watching thirtysomethings try to operate a manual typewriter proves surprisingly amusing. Ernie manages not to lose the lead, but all they know about their next destination is the numbers 44, 715, and 74. Somehow that’s supposed to lead them to the ballpark. After using Google at a hotel, Ernie and Cindy are en route to Turner Field just as Amani and Marcus are leaving the flight simulator at last.

At the ballpark, one racer has to climb a giant map and rappel along it, looping an actual Amazing Red Line in the form of a red rope through carabiners attached to each (unlabeled) country that they’ve been to on the race. Cindy does brilliantly, so they’re still in first place as they head to the Finish Line at the Swan House. But their cabdriver seems to be having trouble figuring out how his GPS works. They’ll be hearing the word “recalculating” in their nightmares for a long time to come.

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