phil keoghan the amazing race 17 320 'The Amazing Race' recap: I hate Chinese foodAfter an awkward reunion between Jill/Thomas and Team QVC (who they U-Turned in the previous leg), everyone flies to Hong Kong together. When Nick and Vicki miss a ferry, Nick lays into her for having asthma.

Meanwhile, the other teams run around until they reach a restaurant and have to search an entire buffet for five items of fake food, eating every wrong guess (not that Claire or Vicki get to eat it permanently, if you know what I mean). Then it’s a Detour choice between a confusing boat task and an even more confusing public transit task. Kat and Nat steal the lead from Jill and Thomas at the last minute and win yet another leg.

Nick encourages Vicki to quit, but she chokes through it and finishes, but then Nick quits on the Detour, literally falling asleep on her in the middle of the leg. And he can’t even quit properly, because of course it’s a non-elimination leg and their only consequences are a six-hour penalty and a Speed Bump in the next leg. Well, that and being with/being Nick.

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