amazing race unfinished race cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: I'm Going to YakEveryone flies to Kunming, China, together — except Kent and Vyxsin, who start melting down even before they get in their car and completely miss the flight. The other teams have to scramble to find a way to Li Jiang, while the Goths scramble to catch up.

On Jade Dragon Mountain, they ride yaks across a river and then ride gondolas to 14,000 feet, where they have to rummage among thousands of charms to recreate windchimes of the Chinese zodiac. Zev gets frustrated with the task, and ends up taking long enough for Kent and Vyxsin to catch up. After the Road Block, Ron and Christina get on the wrong vehicle, but are rescued by the Globetrotters.

Back to the mountain town of Li Jiang, where a quick errand with a prayer wheel is the gateway to a Detour where they ether pound candy or use a giant horn to lead a parade through town. Vyxsin has a second meltdown at the Road Block, keeping them in last place. Ron, meanwhile, is like a distracted toddler, completely negating their linguistic advantage. The altitude tells on the re-racers during the final sprint to a tower at the peak, but Margie and Luke make it there first. Meanwhile, Vyxsin finally completes the Road Block, but then they leave their Amazing Purse on the gondola. I think they might be angling for a spinoff called How Not to Race. But for now, with everyone checked in yet still racing, it’s another “To Be Continued.”

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