amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: It's Speedo TimeStill in Copenhagen, the race starts with a Roadblock where racers have to memorize a Hans Christian Andersen poem inscribed on the base of the author’s statue, then ride a bicycle with a map on the wheel to a theater where they have to recite the poem from memory for a costumed critic. Cindy and Amani both do brilliantly and proceed to the next task at Legoland Park, where they have to assemble their next clue out of Legos while on an amusement park ride. Cathi gets lost en route to the theater, while Tommy and Sandy both have to go back and try the Roadblock again after phoning it in, but they all eventually get it. The carnival ride is pretty rough on Amani and Sandy; worse, Jeremy and Sandy lose some pieces and have to start over. And Bill and Cathi get lost again, which costs them some time. From Legoland, they drive on to Hamburg and take a train to Brussels via Cologne. Ernie and Cindy hold onto their commanding lead all the way to Hamburg, when the train arrives late enough for everyone to catch it — and Ernie and Cindy have lost their tickets from Cologne to Brussels, and can’t afford new ones. They board the second train anyway and get away with it, so it was a lot of stress about nothing, at least on Cindy’s part.

In Brussels, everyone has to strip down and oil up to pose with bodybuilders in front of some pretty tough judges. Amani and Marcus are the first team to get it right the first time, and make it to the Pit Stop in first place, closely followed by Team Control. Jeremy and Sandy are in third place after racking up the highest score, with the snowboarders and the grandparents still stuck behind trying to get it right. As for which one of them gets Philiminated, we never find out — because Marcus and Amani have barely hit the mat when they’re hit by the news that they’re still racing. And we’re hit by the dreaded “To Be Continued.”

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