amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: Move GoatThe race continues in Malawi, but takes a two-hour bus ride to a town called Salima first. All the teams arrive together, and most of them get right to work carrying fish-toting passengers on bicycle taxis to different addresses. It doesn’t go smoothly for almost anyone; Laurence and Sandy get lost, Andy breaks his bicycle, Cathi has her usual balance issues, Marcus and Amani are still doing their Speed Bump (a large wooden version of a child’s sliding-tile puzzle), and Jennifer forgot her clue back at the Roadblock’s starting point. As a result, Cindy finishes first, so Team Control leads the way to Lake Malawi. This beautiful place is the site of the Detour, where teams can either paddle cumbersome dugout canoes out into the lake and back, or wade out to a ferry to unload a bunch of different stuff, including humans. Most everyone selects the former, but they have different degrees of success. Ernie and Cindy, who quickly learn that they aren’t going to be good at this, decide it’s time to use their Express Pass. Because why not save it until you can use it to not lose the whole race when you can throw it away now to try to win one leg? Some running around on the beaches in search of a Route Info (where a fancy new interactive Double U-Turn sign awaits) and the Pit Stop ensues, but even though Ernie and Cindy have a substantial lead, this leg ends in a long footrace that Andy and Tommy win by a whisker. And thus is another Express Pass wasted.

Further back in the field, grandparents Bill and Cathi score a third-place finish simply by not screwing up and working well together. Amani and Marcus don’t finish their Speed Bump quickly, but make up for it with how quickly Marcus does the Roadblock, and they become the only team to unload the ferry (with Marcus carrying the people), making enough of a recovery to end in fourth place. Laurence and Zac, who you’d think would do really well at a rowing task (or maybe you would have thought that, once upon a time), decide they’ll need to U-Turn somebody, so they ding Amani and Marcus, unaware that Team NFL is actually ahead of them at the time. They straggle in as the fifth place team. Jeremy and Sandy continue to operate like the well-sanded machine they are, struggling with the canoe and coming close to losing the whole thing. But what loses this leg is Jennifer’s indecision when she realizes she doesn’t have the clue with her. Rather than going back for it, which would have been the right thing to do and would have cost her no time, she stands around indefinitely waiting for another team, a mistake from which the siblings never recover. But at least they’re getting along at the end of their race, so maybe the Elimination Station won’t see too much bickering from them.

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