amazing race unfinished race cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: My Name Is MudThe new leg begins in a Sydney train station, after which the ten teams debate whether to risk a connection in Hong Kong to trim 15 minutes off their arrival time in Japan. As usual, it backfires. After getting their cars out of vending machines and getting lost in Tokyo, teams struggle to find their way to a medieval dojo to attempt a martial arts Road Block that includes the easiest archery task imaginable.

The cheerleaders get hung up when Jaime clips a mirror on a parked car and has to deal with that. Then the Detour is a choice between hunting for a small ceramic frog in a large mud pit or standing under a freezing waterfall. After doing the latter, the Globetrotters mistakenly pick up Ron and Christina’s Amazing Purse and leave it somewhere else, causing the latter team plenty of stress and earning themselves a 30-minute penalty. Zev and Justin win their second leg in a row, meaning that at the very least, they won’t do any worse than last time. Not so for Mel and Mike, who can’t hack the cold in the mud pit, thus sparing Jaime and Cara from what they thought was certain Philimination.

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