amazing race 20 cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Not So Fast ForwardThe racers fly to former Soviet Republic Azerbaijan, which Bopper and Mark think is in Africa, but they’ll figure it out. After landing, they take taxis to Temple Ateshga, a fire temple where loud folk music, dancing, and sword choreography is in full swing as if it’s not five in the morning. The racers join the party until the doors open at sunrise, allowing them in to collect their clues. Other Rachel & Dave and Joey Fitness & Danny race each other to a Fast Forward where they have to unload and stack 150 bales of hay per team. The other teams proceed to the first task, dealing with scary taxi drivers and Mark’s backseat carsickness, while Other Rachel and Dave win the Fast Forward, and their third leg, and a pair of new cars. They also send Joey “Fitness” and Danny back to Square Two.

The Roadblock requires half of each team to escape from an underwater helicopter crash simulator that actually looks pretty scary. JJ, Jamie, and Bopper, and Brendon manage that just fine, as does Brendon and even Vanessa. Joey “Fitness” plays catch-up while the others proceed to the Detour where they have to either clean up a man after an oil bath or hunt through apple-stuffed cars for one with a flag attached. Art and JJ come in second after “scrubbing a man’s junk,” probably due to the rule about each team only being able do one Fast Forward per race. Team Kentucky and Team Big Brother follow them all the way to the Pit Stop in third and fourth place respectively, while Nary and Jamie leave Ralph and Vanessa behind at the apple Detour and come in fifth. But Ralph and Vanessa still finish apple-hunting before Joey “Fitness” and Danny even get there, which may not help them when their cab driver gets lost and briefly abandons them mid-journey, while Team Jersey makes short work of the Detour, so it might be a race for survival after all. Ralph and Vanessa are team number six, and losing the Fast Forward costs Joey “Fitness” and Danny the whole race. Good, I was tired of typing their names a month ago.

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