amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: Release the Brake!We pick up where the previous leg left off with Amani and Marcus’s victory, and where the current leg begins seconds later. Ernie and Cindy came in second, with Jeremy and Sandy in third. Andy and Tommy were the next to finish, followed by Bill and Cathi, who still aren’t eliminated even after coming in last. However, because Team NFL gets lost in Brussels, Ernie and Cindy are the first team to make it to the Ford Proving Grounds for a Mustang infomercial disguised as a high-speed driving Roadblock. Jeremy catches up to Ernie during the latter’s struggle with the slalom part, but fails to pass him. Then it’s on to Gent for the two lead teams. Marcus and Tommy compete at the Proving Grounds while Andy battles with the sin of envy and Bill battles with the sin of still being in last place.

For the Detour in Gent, teams have to either build and stock a waffle stand (Ernie/Cindy, Jeremy/Sandy) or build a barrel-raft to search for halves of a clue along the river (Andy/Tommy, Amani/Marcus, and Bill/Cathi after Team Pre-Owned warns them off the waffles). The waffle-making proves time-consuming, so Cindy and Ernie lose a chunk of their lead heading to Muur Van Geraardsbergen, with the snowboarders now closer behind and Marcus and Amani passing up Jeremy and Sandy, who barely finish ahead of the grandparents.

At the Muur, teams witness the release of homing pigeons, which they’ll have to meet at a predetermined address so they can retrieve the location of the Pit Stop from a bird’s leg. Andy and Tommy are the first to accomplish that, and learn that they’re going back to Brussels to “find” the Atomium, that impossible-to-miss iron atom we first saw last week. Jeremy and Sandy steal second place while Ernie and Cindy get totally lost. Andy and Tommy win their sixth leg and a new Mustang each, while other teams struggle with directions. Jeremy and Sandy are team number two, Ernie and Cindy are unhappy to come in third, with Marcus and Amani coming in fourth. Bill and Cathi’s tenth leg is their last. Not a bad run at all for a couple of olds, though.

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