amazing race unfinished race cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, Just KiddingThe Cowboys fly solo again, but this time it’s to minimize flight connections to Vienna, Austria. Which doesn’t really pay off. Once there, they have to drive car commercials to get their clue sending them to Schloss Schallaberg, and thence to the National Library. Then a Detour requires them to either schlep a couch from Freud’s house to the University of Vienna or eat a meal during a rotation of a giant Ferris wheel.

Both Jen/Kisha, Zev/Justin, and Gary/Mallory try and fail the eating task, meaning everyone ends up carrying the couch sooner or later. Jet and Cord catch up, and then everyone drives to Salzburg to sweep chimneys. After this ridiculously easy Road Block, it’s a race to the home of the Von Trapps, where Zev and Justin each win their own Ford Focus, which has got to make Gary and Mallory feel pretty stupid about winning that tea-commercial leg instead of this one. Kent and Vyxsin not only survive a leg of bickering, they score their best ranking yet by finishing in third place. And Gary and Mallory, after a lackluster leg, come in last, only to find that it’s a non-elimination leg, and they might not come in sixth for their second Amazing Race in a row after all.

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