amazing race 20 cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Taste Your SalamiThe teams have to go from the Asuncion Pit Stop to a local travel agency to book flights to Turin, Italy, but Bopper and Mark make the mistake of going directly to the airport first. This leads to all of the other seven teams getting on a plane that leaves an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than Team Kentucky’s flight. Once they get there, the main pack struggles with Italian traffic and a spiral run uphill, where Art and JJ attempt a Fast Forward in which Art has to try to land a remote-control helicopter on JJ’s head. The other teams take on the Roadblock, where they have two minutes to rappel down the atrium they just climbed up and grab a clue halfway down. Vanessa and Jamie have trouble with the task, while Other Rachel and Dave have trouble with each other. On the way to the next clue, we see that even the magical self-parking feature on the product-placed cars they’re driving can’t keep Brendon and Rachel from screaming at each other over parallel parking. At the Ford museum, each team finds a 0.02-Euro coin that depicts their next destination, but Team Big Brother are still in full meltdown mode, overthinking the clue and then threatening to quit the race and each other (Annoying Habit #14).

Having completed the Fast Forward, Art and JJ win their second leg while the other teams proceed to the Detour: cleaning statues or tasting salamis. Most teams opt for washing statues, and end up knocking the heads off their statues with the power washers, at least temporarily. Despite a leg full of sniping at each other, Other Rachel and Dave finish the Detour and the leg in second place while Brendon and Rachel have their second meltdown of the day during the salami task. Joey “Fitness” and Danny are third, Vanessa and Ralph are fourth, and Nary and Jamie are fifth. Brendon and Rachel come in sixth and save their relationship. Again. Kerri and Stacy do the salami task faster than Brendon and Rachel did, and make it in as team number seven. Bopper and Mark are never able to catch up, and come in last. But they won’t go home empty-handed, because Art and JJ generously split their ten-thousand-dollar prize with them. And because it’s a non-elimination leg this week, they’re not going home at all yet.

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