phil keoghan the amazing race 17 320 'The Amazing Race' recap: Tastes Like a Million DollarsOn “The Amazing Race,” the eight remaining teams head on into Norway, where Nat’s fear of heights is immediately challenged by a mountaintop gondola ride. And then Kat’s vegetarianism is challenged by a Fast Forward in which they have to share a sheep’s head, but they get through it and become the first team this season to win two legs.

Meanwhile, the other teams (save Nick and Vicki, who don’t seem to understand how a Fast Forward works) have to rappel from a suspension bridge and ascend back up the same cable, a task that threatens to leave Claire hanging.

Then the Detour (a choice between mountain biking and navigating a fishing boat) isn’t completed first by Gary and Mallory, but they are the next team to the Pit Stop while Michael/Kevin and Jill/Thomas get lost and drive past the Road Block again.

Still, Katie and Rachel aren’t able to recover from their last-place start, and are headed back to the beach.

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