amazing race 20 cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Tough SleddingThe final four leave Cochin for Japan. There’s a lot of frantic dashing around Hiroshima by night, and Other Rachel and Dave miss the last ferry of the evening. Which unsurprisingly ends up being for naught, as everyone else had to wait overnight for the next clue anyway. In the morning, everyone undergoes a little forced contemplation of the tragedy of Hiroshima before getting on a bullet train to Osaka, where they participate in a fake Japanese game show. It’s simple enough; they just run along a treadmill to try to catch chickens dangling overhead. But remember that Vanessa hurt her ankle in the previous leg, so a running challenge is nearly a deal-breaker for her. After Art, Brendon, and Other Rachel are long gone, she’s still there, but she sucks it up and manages to finish.

The other teams proceed to a spectacular observation deck atop a skyscraper to choose their Detours. Other Rachel and Dave are the only ones to select the one where they take pictures of passersby posing behind cutouts of sumo wrestlers, while the rest of the teams opt for a complicated sushi-based game of Bingo. Which turns out to be the right call for Other Rachel and Dave, because they win their seventh leg of the race and are looking forward to their eighth. Meanwhile, the Border Patrol and Team Big Brother muddle through the sushi task with varying degrees of bickering, then have trouble finding the Pit Stop on the vast grounds that host it this leg. Vanessa and Ralph smoke the Detour and have good taxi luck, but the damage is done; Art and JJ and Brendon and Rachel will be the other two teams in the final three.

In the second hour, the remaining three teams fly back across the Pacific to Honolulu. They’re supposed to find a pair of twin towers going only by their nicknames, which proves to be not enough information for Art and JJ. While the two Rachel teams reach them quickly, use ascenders to climb 45 stories to their rooftops, spot their next destination from there, and “rappel” back down face-first (actually they “dangle” more than “rappel,” but that can wait), Art and JJ engage in a classic final-leg flail before getting back on track. Soon Dave, and then Brendon, are hard at work making 14 quarts of shaved ice. Other Rachel and Dave hold into their lead, then get to hop into a helicopter to be flown to the next task. Art and JJ catch up to Team Big Brother just before Brendon finishes, but then the latter team misreads their clue and takes a cab all the way to Aloha Stadium instead of going on foot to the helicopters right there in the park. Cue meltdown.

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