jet cord amazing race 16 320 'The Amazing Race' recap: VaranastiThe remaining seven teams fly across India to Varanasi, although Jet and Cord end up landing an hour behind all the other teams. After a harrowing taxi race through the city, re-racers have to search through the noisy, crowded streets for specific holy men and pieces of a sentence that supposedly leads them to the next clue even though it’s actually a total non sequitur. Most teams do fine, although Ron goes on walkabout long enough for the Cowboys — and everyone else — to pass him. After the Road Block, they have to either deliver a bale of hay from across the Ganges or stoke a fire with poo, and Jen and Kisha quickly get tired of each other’s crap. The Globetrotters go from last to first, and the Cowboys claw their way back up to fifth place. While trying to get to the Pit Stop, Vyxsin first leaps into the Ganges and then throws someone out of a tuk-tuk. But they still get there ahead of Ron and Christina, who are the first non-TAR14 team to get Philiminated this season. Now Christina will get married and they’ll never see each other again.

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