amazing race cast 19 'The Amazing Race' recap: We Are Charlie ChaplinThe race is really in no hurry at all to get out of Belgium, is it? In addition to their clues at the start of the leg, racers are given wacky costumes and are expected to dress up as characters from Tintin and wander around the streets of Brussels in the wee hours of the morning, trying to find a Tintin-looking dude and figure out who they’re supposed to be. After completing this bit of cross-marketing (which the snowboarders do more slowly than anyone else), they finally get out of the country.

Everyone hops the same train to Amsterdam and flies thence to Panama City, Panama. A long taxi ride later, they find their way to longboats that carry them to a village under cover of darkness. Once they arrive, they sign up to get tattoos painted on their arms at specific times early the next morning, twenty minutes apart. The tattoos turn out to be clues sending them back to San Francisco Bay Towers in Panama City. So it’s back to town, with the snowboarders in the lead as usual. The towers are the setting for a “tightrope-walking” Roadblock 35 stories up. Andy does well and Sandy faces her fear of heights, both with the help of ample harnesses and safety cables.

From there, they have to get to a certain statue, which most of the teams’ cabdrivers collaborate on finding. For the Detour, they have to either distribute seafood among vendors at a fish market or go make sandals out of leather and straps. Cindy and Amani also handle the Roadblock well, and everyone save Amani and Marcus chooses the shoemaking Detour option. Team NFL ends up there anyway, much to their chagrin, especially given that they’re already in last place. Yet they insist on going to the other one anyway and carrying large amounts of raw seafood by hand.

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