phil keoghan the amazing race 17 320 'The Amazing Race' recap: We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt PadsOn “The Amazing Race”: After the teams get to feel all virtuous doing some repainting of the Ghanaian school, they head to Kiruna, Sweden, at the Arctic Circle. The race gives everyone the same tickets north, but most teams either research an earlier flight out of Frankfurt or learn about it from teams who did. Which is not to say that everyone gets on it.

Once there, they go to the famous Icehotel (or rather the warehouse where the Icehotel is stored in the summer). Michael and Kevin’s lame little Speed Bump consists of sitting in ice chairs there for ten minutes, so they’re the first to get to a dog-sledding Road Block.

Jill and Thomas are already in last place when they go running full-tilt in the wrong direction. At the Detour, they have to either sled down a course or build tents in the snow with Scandinavian nomads. Michael and Kevin struggle with the tent while Kat breaks the sledding course but still makes it with Nat to the Norwegian border Pit Stop first. Not bad for the team that came in eighth last week.

Three other teams bail on the sledding task, but Jill and Thomas don’t know that and use their Express Pass on the Detour, landing them in fifth place. And Jonathan and Connor are the last-place team, meaning they missed their Princeton graduation during this leg for nothing. Not that they don’t try really hard to make up for it.

Photo credit: CBS

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