nat kat amazing race 'The Amazing Race': 'Sancho Panza's master' helps Nat and Kat make historyDoctors Nat and Kat are your “Amazing Race” Season 17 winners. They bested second place team Brook and Claire and third place team Thomas and Jill. Nat and Kat are the first all-female team to win “TAR” and nearly 50% of Zap2it voters picked them.

At the start of the last leg, the pairs left within roughly 30 minutes of each other, so it really was anybody’s game going into the final stretch. They flew to Los Angeles, more specifically the pier at Long Beach.

There they had to ride a bungee swing in order to get the next clue. It was awesome, like bungee jumping but not quite as scary. During the bungee swing, Nat said, “I didn’t even pee my pants.” We’re sad that wasn’t the episode title.

Following the bungee swing the teams had a road black where they had to help decorate a Tournament of Roses Parade float. Thomas, the last man standing, struggled a bit with the road block. Brook and Nat were both a lot more comfortable with the challenge, but all three teams still finished fairly quickly.

The next clue forced them to figure out clues, including who Sancho Panza’s master was. Don Quixote is the answer and it was directing them to Quixote Studios where they had to play a game show-like challenge. The challenge was to pick out the 11 greeters from each pit stop (from a grid of 48) and then put them in order.

Nat and Kat got to the challenge first, having used their cabbie’s phone to help solve the clues. Brook and Claire were hot on their heels after using some hotel internet. Thomas and Jill? Just got angry and frustrated and Thomas was a bit of a jerk about their cab driver.

The good doctors got through the greeters challenge and took off for the finish line. The editing would’ve had you believe Nat and Kat were in danger because of stopped traffic, but we have a feeling it wasn’t as close as that.

How do you feel about Nat and Kat winning? And better yet, how do you feel about “Unfinished Business” for Season 18?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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