danmcmillen sammcmillen amazingrace15 290 'The Amazing Race': Season 6's hay bales returnMany a year ago on “The Amazing Race,” they went to Stockholm, Sweden. Whilst there, teams had to unroll bales of hay, looking for a flag. One poor, poor team failed completely to find anything, unrolling something like 100 bales of hay over the course of 10 hours. The time had come tonight for the “Race” to repeat that swell task. I’m thinking that’s probably why everything else looked so easy tonight – the show was scared that some other team was going to spend a full day unrolling hay and they didn’t want them to start out too tired.

Before they got there, the teams had to get to the Tivoli Gröna Lund amusement park, and before that they had to get a flight. Ericka & Brian and Gary & Matt ended up on a flight leaving two-and-a-half hours after everyone else, instantly making me happy as I was rooting for Ericka & Brian to go home next. I love it when things start off in my favor.

Great Detour tonight. One member of each team had to look for an arrow on the way up a ride that was going to end in a massive freefall (where was Mika when we needed her)? It looked like a ton of fun, and certainly more enjoyable than their having to play ring toss to find a roaming gnome which is what came next. Look at that, there I was, all worried about us not seeing a gnome this year (it was a fear I’d kept to myself), but the producers hooked us up.

The show tried to couch tonight’s Detour, which involved either building a bunker and setting off a small explosion or decoding a message and finding a Viking, as relating to Stockholm history via Alfred Nobel and the Vikings. I think that the whole task may have been just as historic if it had involved watching Wile E. Coyote blow himself up or Brett Favre throw a touchdown pass. And, no team did the Viking thing, why would they when there was dynamite involved in the other?

It was interesting though that we seemed to see the first chinks in the armor of Cheyne & Meghan during the Detour. They had a disagreement about the fastest way to put dirt in the bags to build their bunker. It wasn’t a big thing, but it upset Meghan and could be the start of something bigger, and Meghan didn’t drop it when they got to the hay bale Roadblock either. Something to look for in future weeks.

The hay bales were definitely not an easy task, but to me it seems memorable only because Lena & Kristy in season six got so incredibly unlucky. Needle in a haystack tasks suck, luck is too big a part of them. I didn’t mind that Big Easy & Flight Time got lucky this time out, found their clue, and won the leg, but those tasks still suck.

I think one of the keys to sanity is that even though there is only one team member participating, the non-playing member needs to support the other. For this task, Cheyne did what Meghan asked and talked to her; Flight Time talked to Big Easy, as he seemed to want as well. Dan kept yelling at Sam and that seemed like a really bad idea. At least he apologized during the postgame interview.

Sam & Dan looked like they were going to be the unlucky team this time out with the hay bales, but instead it was Gary & Matt who came in last. At least there was some justice in the fact that they had missed their train, gotten lost, and arrived at the hay last. They spent the least amount of time there, rolled the least hay. I think it’s great that, even after they’d lost they didn’t give up.

It’s a good lesson – never give up, sometimes you get to come in last in a non-elimination leg, just like what happened with Gary & Matt tonight.

Bits and pieces:

  • I know it’s late, but happy birthday Flight Time, I’m pulling for you.

  • I like Louisiana Shorty more than Harlem Gnome, but I get where they were coming from with Harlem Gnome.

  • I love that Sam & Dan raced each other to the clue box for the Roadblock. If the Globetrotters can’t win, I want the brothers

  • Meghan surprising Cheyne with the flag in the haystack – awesome.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser