steve allison amazing race 16 320 'The Amazing Race': Smashing coconuts in Penang, MalaysiaReversals. “The Amazing Race” is all about reversals. Those who are in last shall be first, and those who are in first… well, we’ll get there, won’t we?

Steve and Allie were first to depart for the airport this leg with the teams all heading to Penang, Malaysia. Father and daughter were in fact heading out for the leg without their bags, and all the teams ended up tied before they got to the airport in the Seychelles as they were all on the same ferry to the airport (and then the same plane). That was definitely good news for The Cowboys who would be facing a Speed Bump during the leg.

The first stop in Penang was the Snake Temple, where the clue box did in fact have snakes around it. If I had been there I would have had to do the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” line, but I guess that’s probably one of the reasons I’m not on the show.

For the Detour, which the clue at the Snake Temple directed them to, teams either had to go to a different temple, carry some huge incense sticks up steps, and light the sticks or balance a 32 foot poll on their forehead and walk across a field. Every team save the Cowboys chose to do the incense task, but what was going on at the clue box with the taxis? A bunch of teams let their cabs go for no good reason, and then Jet & Cord, who allegedly told their cab to stay, still lost theirs. I can’t blame the Cowboys if they really did tell their guy to stay, but why didn’t all the teams tell their cabbies to stick around? Can’t you just shoo them away after you get the clue if you don’t need them?

Okay, forget that, that was probably a silly question. How’s this one — without seeing them, which Detour would you have done? To me, the incense one sounded a lot easier — even if you had to make multiple trips. Looking at the way the Cowboys roared through the balancing one though, clearly I would have made the wrong call… as did the rest of the teams. Due to their speed, the length of the incense task, and some really bad traffic a few teams encountered, the Cowboys were actually in first by the time their Detour was finished.

The Cowboys next had to do their Speed Bump which required smelling some tea and then delivering a delicious cup of the stuff. They messed up the first time through but were still the first to arrive at the Road Block. There, teams had to find a coconut with colored milk and build a raft offering. As with everything else this week, the Cowboys blazed right through it. Despite their little taxi issue at the beginning, the Cowboys were back in first place by the end of the leg. Phil told us the Cowboys were the first team to go from last place in a non-elimination leg to first in the next. Giddyup!

Brent & Caite were the first team to depart the incense Detour, but then had serious problems with their taxi getting lost. By the time they got to the Road Block they were in fifth… no fourth… no fifth… no fourth… I think. The show said they were in fifth, but there were only six teams this week and both Jordan & Dan and Steve & Allie were behind them, which by my count put them in fourth. Either way, their taxi troubles had them lose a few positions but never put them in danger of going home.

How could the Models go home tonight when Steve & Allie were out of it before they even got to the Detour they ended up doing? At first, the father/daughter duo opted for the incense one. Upon hitting traffic, they got out and ran for it before getting lost and finding their first taxi again. The guy didn’t know where the incense task was so they opted to head to the balancing one. They got to the balancing task, tried it for about 10 seconds, and then headed back to the incense. After that back and forth Steve & Allie were going to need a lot more than the taxi troubles Brent & Caite had for them to get back into it. Some of the blame with Steve & Allie falls to the cabbie, but I think Steve & Allie could have pushed more to go to the task they wanted or given the balancing one a chance.

The show tried to make it look as though the Brothers might have gotten in enough trouble when their cabbie needed to get gas and then one of the Brothers momentarily bungled the Road Block, but I don’t think it was ever really that close, the Brothers were gone from the Road Block by the time Steve & Allie got there. Steve & Allie went home tonight which at least means they’ll hopefully get clean clothes.

Bits and pieces:

  • The Detectives and the Models apparently both hate Carol & Brandy. I don’t get the hatred. The women don’t seem terribly nice, but I don’t think I’d hate them.

  • “How do you say ‘fast’ in Malaysian?” “Fast.”

  • I like the respect shown taking the hat off for the Road Block (even if they didn’t at the temple for the Pit Stop). Those Cowboys are good fellows.

  • Even I, who like the Cowboys, will admit that their Speed Bump should have been more difficult. This was nothing more than a minor slowing

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Posted by:Josh Lasser