amazing race 320 'The Amazing Race': The cowboys, models or brothers FTW? Vote!“The Amazing Race 16” comes to a close and the three teams remaining couldn’t be more different.

While we all have our favorites — usually having more to do with personality and less to do with strategy — the final leg of the race can often upset any advantages that may have previously existed. We’ll see if the winning team will be determined by luck, skill or a cab driver’s E-Z tag.

First up are cowboys Jet and Cord. They’re overwhelmingly good-natured and positive, which is incredibly refreshing in such a difficult race that would bring out the worst in us. They’ve also been strong competitors, keeping a level head and killing challenges such as when they had to balance the flagpoles on their foreheads. They also have the distinction of being the only team ever to have come in last in a non-elimination leg and then coming from behind to arrive first at the pit stop on the next leg of the race. They’ve come in first place four times.

Then there are the dating models Brent and Caite — the former notorious Miss South Carolina — who are determined to show that they’re not stupid. Frankly, a lot of bad decisions have not really borne that out, but Caite does have her strengths, such as learning the drum routine faster than anyone. They don’t always read the clues that closely, but they can be (for better or worse) strategic, such as when they U-turned the lesbian couple, who were eventually eliminated. Brent and Caite came in first only once, at the end of the most recent leg of the race.

Finally, there are the brothers Dan and Jordan, who bicker quite a bit and have stumbled upon some good luck despite some bad judgments. It’s Dan’s (or is it Jordan’s) dream to do win the race, so his sibling obliged, which is kind of sweet. Their frustration over the language barrier in China was annoying though, and their only first-place finish came from a Fast Forward.

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