amazing race 0228 320 'The Amazing Race' visits Butch and Sundance's ArgentinaIt was off to Argentina and the bar where Butch and Sundance hid when they were in town on “The Amazing Race.” The show may have hurt the memory of the real men and the movie by throwing in a Roaming Gnome task at the bar, but I do love a Butch and Sundance reference.

Jet & Cord are my new favorite team — they knew they had time before setting off to Argentina so they learned as much as they could about the town they were going to, Bariloche, by talking to locals in Chile before leaving. Then, in Argentina, despite the fact that they knew exactly where to go, they decided not to lead all the other cars and to pull over instead. It could have cost them some time, but it also could have caused other teams to get lost. The ploy didn’t work (Brent & Caite, who did get lost, weren’t following Jet & Cord), but it was not a bad idea at all.

The Road Block tonight forced teams to rope steer, or at least a hay facsimile thereof (how much better would it have been if they had to actually rope steer?). Talk about luck for Jet & Cord — that was right up their alley. Ridiculously, it took the cowboy, Jet, two tries though. Two!?! Ridiculous! (And I wrote that before he pointed out that he was going to be made fun of.) The show lists his occupation as “Cowboy,” how did it take him two tries!?!

Hay steer lassoed, it was off to the Detour where they had to either follow some directions to find buried treasure or play a little polo with a practice pony using nine swings of the mallet or less (didn’t they just play golf like that, but without a pony, last season?). I would have played polo, especially as the directions required you to take “x” number of steps in this or that direction, which always makes me worried that my steps will either be too big or too small. Jet & Cord didn’t have any problem with the polo, and were quickly on their way to the Pit Stop and another first-place finish.

Interestingly, a lot of teams chose the coordinates task and shouldn’t have, particularly because the teams are, as I have pointed out before, not terribly smart. You can argue with me here if you like, but in a task where you are required to count steps in a certain direction, a compass is absolutely useful but it won’t tell you how far you’ve gone. Joe didn’t get that and Heidi didn’t bother to seriously challenge her hubby on it either. Upon eventually bringing the wrong bag to the bandit, Joe & Heidi gave up and did the polo task (a lot of other teams made the switch as well).

Jordan & Jeff not only grabbed the wrong bag, but then also weren’t smart enough to bring the bag to the lead bandit. They brought it to the gunslinger who had given them the directions and when he didn’t want it, they left and then returned with more bags (though I can’t tell you whether they brought back the same ones or a different pair). Eventually, the cops had to find Big Brother’s bag for them (by accident). Team “Big Brother” then, not surprisingly, brought them to the gunslinger again.

Now, when I say I don’t think these teams are smart, you may get angry at me. But let me just point out one more argument in my favor — even Jeff of team “Big Brother,” upon realizing that they had been bringing the bag to the wrong place, told Jordan that they were “so stupid” and that they “definitely shouldn’t reproduce.” Those are their words, not mine.

Brent & Caite, who actually went to the hospital to get hydrated as the leg was beginning, were in last for a long time due to some poor navigational skills in the car. They were also horrifically whiny, but I’m going to say that was because of their being sick. Poor Shawne, though, couldn’t lasso the fake steer for an awfully long time, and Caite & Brent passed them at that point. Shawne & Monique were in last place leaving the steer, caught up when the teams doing the coordinate Detour flipped to polo, proceeded to take longer at polo than the other teams and then switched to the coordinates task. They were last to hit the mat this week and won’t be around next week. I think I might actually miss them.

Odds and ends:

  • What was going on with Jordan & Dan’s car on the way to the bar? Was it just an inability to drive stick again? It seemed like that’s all it was, but then why get out and push?

  • Why did they have to play a hand of poker against a gnome? There was no betting so it didn’t make any sense, after all, every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

  • Yes, I called Brent & Caite whiny above, and they were whiny throughout the entirety of the episode, but Carol & Brandy were no picnic either. My goodness.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser