the amanda kris amazing race 'The Amazing Race's' Kris and Amanda: 'We'd do it a third time'“The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” saw its first elimination Sunday night (Feb. 27) when Kris and Amanda could not overcome the U-Turn putting them near the back of the pack and then getting a little lost on the Roadblock.

Are you glad you did “Amazing Race” again, even though you were out early?

Kris: “Absolutely. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s like winning the lottery. What are the odds of us being on it once, let alone twice. Experience of a lifetime.”

Amanda: “We’d do it a third time even if we knew we’d be the first team out again.”

Even though you out early, was it just as fun as you remembered it?

Amanda: “It was really fun. We got to go to Australia, for one, which we’ve never been. I got to swim with sharks and scuba dive, which I would never have voluntarily done. [laughs] It was all really fun. We didn’t get to go nearly as long as last time, so that was a huge bummer. The automatic U-turn was pretty stressful, it added a lot of pressure on us.

Kris: “Yeah, we knew we had to fight the whole time.”

Speaking of the automatic U-turn, how did you feel about that? We thought it was a little unfair throwing that in right off the bat and not letting the teams choose whether or not to U-turn.

Kris: “It was a bummer, especially since coming into it, you know, we got U-turned the last time aorund. To start out with that was just, ‘Oh my gosh!’ That was what was detrimental to our success the first time around, so to have that again … it sucked. [laughs]

When you got to the Detour, were you surprised nobody else chose the painting? That looked so much faster than the mosaic. Was it as much faster as it looked?

Amanda: “It was kinda funny because the painting was definitely faster than the mosaic. We weren’t timing it or anything, but it was 100% for sure faster than the mosaic, which is ironic since everyone chose the other one. When we first read the clue we weren’t trying to think of which one was faster. Our goal was to see which one the other teams were doing because if we had to do both, we wanted to do the one the teams were doing so we could see where we were at and if we had trouble we could look around and see what other teams were doing.”

Once you got eliminated, which teams were you hoping to see crossing the finish line?

Kris: “Gary and Mallory we got really close with and Mel and Mike we talked to a lot as well. We were just rooting them on and hoping they would do well.”

“The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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