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To get into his larger-than-life role in the new movie, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” star Andrew Garfield plugged in his iPod and mellowed out to rock music.
“I was listening to a lot of Arcade Fire and Sleigh Bells and Cat Stevens,” the 28-year-old actor tells Zap2It at the red carpet premiere on Thursday night (June 28). 
He also admits to relating to the shy, nerdy aspects of his character in the feature film, opening in theaters July 3. 
“I feel like I was Peter Parker since I was a kid,” says Garfield. “I’ve always been Peter Parker. I wanted to play him for the past 25 years.”
The role is a re-imagined take on the comic book adventure series, focused on the early life of Spider-Man and how his childhood upbringing as an orphan impacted his superhero turn as a teenager. For Garfield, the best part of it all was the team of actors surrounding him, including stars Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Rhys Ifans.
He’s also pretty amped about the technological magic behind this latest reincarnation.
“It’s awesome! I saw it in IMAX,” recalls Garfield. “I saw “Huddle 3D” in IMAX; I was like that should be illegal; that was the most fun thing I’ve ever seen. For a movie like this, especially – you’re swinging with Spider-Man.”
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