Spiderman-Spiders-GettyImag.jpgAdmit it, Spider-Man geeks: You’ve wondered if there’s any truth behind Spider-Man’s ability to scale skyscrapers, shoot webs out of his hands and sense danger. According to the National Wildlife Federation, there’s actually some accuracy to the comic legend — so keep that in mind when you’re watching Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in the franchise’s latest film.

According to the NWF, arachnids can achieve incredible feats — lending truth to the superhero’s prowess:

The NWF reports that “in a single leap a jumping spider can cover as much as 50 times its own length.”

How does Spider-Man latch on to ceilings and stay hidden? Spiders are able to crawl on most surfaces with tiny organs attached to hairs at the end of their legs, and then they grab onto small bumps in surfaces.

Peter Parker would be be at a disadvantage without it, and arachnids are born with “spidey-sense” as well: They’re able to sense danger through their hairs which feel low level vibrations.

In order to disable opponents and protect the public, Spider-Man shoots webs from his wrists. Webs are powerful instruments for actual spiders as well. “Spider silk comes from glands on the arachnid’s posterior….and can stretch up to four times their relaxed length without breaking,” according to the NWF.

So, for all the fans of “The Amazing Spider-Man” out there, rejoice: This superhero legend holds some kernels of scientific truth.

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