zap2it idol exit poll 'The American Idol Exit Poll': Experts, pundits predict booted contenders weeklyWelcome to “The American Idol Exit Poll!”

American Idol‘s” Season 10 is underway with a fresh crop of talented Top 13 contenders vying for the title, while undergoing critique through the watchful eyes of judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler. Ashton Jones was this season’s first Idol hopeful to be issued her walking papers during the first round of finalists performances. Who will be the next contestant to get the boot ? 

Zap2it has rounded up the country’s top “Idol” experts, pundits and journos from around the media sphere to predict each week’s loser voted off contestant. The weekly predictions will be posted live every week post performances by Thursday morning at “The American Idol Exit Poll.

This year’s panel consists of the following pundits:

  • Richard Rushfield, Author: American Idol The Untold Story/The Daily Beast
  • Jim Cantiello, MTV News
  • Shirley Halperin, The Hollywood Reporter
  • Michael Slezak, TVLine
  • Rickey Yaneza,
  • MJ Santili, MJsBigBlog
  • Kate Aurthur, The Daily Beast
  • Brian Mansfield, USA Today’s Idol Chatter
  • Matt Whitfield, Yahoo! TV
  • Lyndsey Parker, Yahoo! Music
  • Hilary Rothing, AOL’s Something Pitchy
  • Jarett Wieselman, NY Post Pop Wrap
  • Maura Johnston, Village Voice
  • Denise Martin, TV Guide
  • Adam Bryant, TV Guide
  • Dan Fienberg, Hitfix
  • Ann Powers, NPR Music
  • Jeremy Blacklow, Access Hollywood
  • Kirstin Benson, Hollywoodlife
  • Gerrick Kennedy, Los Angeles Times
  • Monica Herrera, Billboard
  • Amir Kenan, Metromix
  • Geoff Berkshire, Metromix
  • Courtney Hazlett, MSNBC
  • Lee Hernandez, Latina Magazine
  • Joseph Anthony Kapsch, Zap2it
  • Brill Bundy, Zap2it
  • Andrea Reiher, Zap2it
  • Tierney Bricker, Zap2it

Who do the panelists think will be booted this Thursday on the results show? Find out here at the “American Idol Exit Poll.” Do you agree with the pundits this week? Tell us in the comments.

Posted by:Joseph Anthony Kapsch