the americans the deal elizabeth paige recap fx 'The Americans' Season 2, episode 5: The Mossad knows when to hold 'em in 'The Deal'

“The Americans” Season 2 goes all-in with the espionage in “The Deal.” That’s pretty much what happens when the Soviets want a scientist held by the Mossad, and Philip has a Mossad agent in his custody.

Country music, feces and icicles

Mere moments after their attempt to kidnap that physicist failed, Philip and Elizabeth stagger through the darkened DC streets with one of the two agents who attacked them. He turns out to be a Mossad agent, something surprising when the fellow starts “drunkenly” singing “The Gambler” to keep some cops from investigating.

It’s pretty much downhill from there. While Elizabeth is out running every other operation, Philip gets stuck in a freezing-cold safe house with the injured Mossad guy. Despite a small amount of help from Kate — Claudia’s young and inexperienced replacement — Philip is stuck listening to talk of family life and helping the agent wipe his bottom.

Sure, the bowel movement is mostly for the purpose of attacking Philip, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

Girls’ night

In addition to getting information from her lonely guy out on the coast, Elizabeth has to deal with Martha. Clark’s lonely wife is ready to reveal her marital status on a job application until Elizabeth as “Jennifer” (Clark’s sister) shows up for some serious wine drinking and girl talk.

The conversation does the trick, convincing Martha not to mention Clark on an official document. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, Martha also gets talking about her sex life with Clark. It’s more than a little uncomfortable.

Bad trade

Why is Philip keeping the agent so carefully alive? That would be because the Russians still want the physicist to go back home. It takes awhile, but a trade is eventually worked out. Philip and some other Mossad guy meet in a warehouse to make the trade.

Needless to say, the physicist isn’t exactly excited to go back to his old homeland. There is crying and a whole lot of bargaining while Philip tries to drive with stoicism. The scientist in the back can’t see it, but the silent, almost-invisible emotion on Philip’s face is some rather incredible acting on the part of Matthew Rhys.

Alas for the physicist, he ends up on a boat heading back to Mother Russia. Too bad the man will never know that part of the condition for his return was the Soviet Union allowing 1500 Jews to emigrate to Israel — the scientist’s dream.

Let’s compromise Stan some more!

OK, at this point you know that there is something super-shady about new-guy Oleg, right? But it might not be exactly what you think — he is not the murder-inducing double agent.

Instead, Oleg has figured out that Stan thinks that Nina is his agent. He arranges to meet Stan in a dark and secret location, declaring his love for all things capitalist and making it clear that he needs a deal if Stan wants Nina to be safe and sound.

No specific terms are named, but there’s no way Stan would turn on his mistress.

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