“The Americans,” a period drama set in the Cold-War years of the early 1980s, starts its run on Wednesday (Jan. 30). Get into the spirit of things with the opening credits for the show.

Starring Keri Russell (“Felicity”) and Matthew Rhys (“Brothers and Sisters”), “The Americans” focuses on a nice, normal, suburban husband and wife who just happen to be KGB spies. They have to execute counterspies and sneak around Washington while cooking brownies and pretending to be travel agents. Also, their neighbor happens to be a member of the FBI counter-intelligence agency.

The opening sequence reflects this duality perfectly. Images of wholesome, apple pie-style Americana are intercut with visions of the Cold War and icons or the old Soviet Union. As an added bonus, many of the names in the credits are written first in Russian and only later in English.

And there’s even a shot of the old video game, Missile Command. Like the Cold War and nuclear annihilation, this was a game with no possible victory.

This particular opening will begin with the second episode. The pilot starts with a rather impressive action sequence set to some familiar ’80s music. Both beginnings are pretty amazing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown