donald trump microphone 'The Apprentice': Donald Trump is now casting regular people!After a few seasons of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Donald Trump is ready to return to his roots. Now, you don’t have to have been famous for two weeks in the ’90s to make it to Trump Tower! As we previously reported, “The Apprentice” is back for a 10th season, and it’s casting now, so if you’re interested in a piece of the Trump empire, don’t hesitate.

The casting team is targeting those hit hard by our troubled economy. “Whether you are recently laid-off, long-term unemployed, a graduate with a daunting job search ahead of you, or simply someone who took a job that is just allowing you to survive this downturn, we encourage you to apply,” says the casting notice on

According to the notice, there are three open calls left: one in Detroit, one in Atlanta, and one in Los Angeles. If you can’t make it to one of those, you can also apply via e-mail, with more information at the NBC website. But be warned! The application not only asks you how the recession has affected you personally and professionally, but it also asks you to confess an embarrassing secret.

We’re not sure Donald Trump is the man we’d trust with our humiliating moments.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie