celebrity apprentice hope nene star 5 1 nbc 320 'The Apprentice' recap: Evil. Fat. Lady.Last week: Trump asked everyone to make the Trump Hotel Collection look amazing, but no one did. Luckily for the men, they’re better performers so John Rich won it on his team’s pitch. Star was solely responsible for her team’s loss, but Trump let the women gang up and send La Toya home. In the suite, everyone’s talking about how long the boardroom is taking. John Rich says there’s no drama left on Backbone, but there’s still a bunch of it on the women’s team with Star and NeNe. Everyone thinks NeNe’s going home, but in walk NeNe and Star. They tell everyone how tough it was. NeNe says that after what Star did to La Toya in the boardroom, she really wants to stay and kick Star’s ass. She says she has to figure out how she’s going to f*** Star up, because she totally is. Okay, I can’t wait for this! “Money, money, money.”

John Rich finds St. Jude kid Colin painting, and it’s awfully cute. Then he hands the check over to St. Jude, making it almost $650,000 he’s given them so far this season.

The teams are lined up waiting when Trump & Co. pull up in a limo. Trump tells them they all, as celebrities, know how important it is to look good, especially when it comes to hair. He says he’s been made fun of for his, but he doesn’t think it’s so bad. Anyway, he introduces us to Farouk, head of Farouk Systems, which makes BioSilk and CHI. Farouk says the task is to produce a hair show, using BioSilk and CHI. They’ll have to introduce the show to Farouk and an audience of hair stylists and educators. Farouk will judge them on brand messaging, showcasing the company’s tools, and overall presentation. Trump says Ivanka and Eric will be his advisers, so who’s going to project manage. Lil Jon acknowledges his dreads, but says he doesn’t know much about hair and neither does Meat Loaf. So they roshambo for it. Lil Jon ends up as the project manager.

When Trump asks the ladies, NeNe pointedly tells him that Star told her she should be the project manager. Trump says that’s very generous… of Star. He chuckles a little, and Star makes a “Who? Me?!” face. NeNe turns to Star and says she knows it’s strategic on Star’s part, but oh well. Trump asks if Star’s intentions are good, and NeNe says they’re bad — that Star’s trying to throw her under the bus. “But it’s all good. It’s going. Down.” NeNe interviews that Star chooses the project manager every time, and she wonders who died and put Star in charge. Star tells Trump she’s sorry NeNe thought her intentions were negative. She says that everyone here has won money for her charity and she thought it would be NeNe’s opportunity. NeNe looks down at Star — which is the best part of all of this. NeNe towers over Star, which has to make even someone that arrogant feel a little bit small. NeNe tells Star she didn’t say that, or even think that. NeNe knows how Star thinks, and how she plays the game. Star steps away and tells NeNe this isn’t The Real Housewives. She moves to the other end of the team, leaving Hope and Marlee between them. NeNe says she will take Star down, while the rest of these girls are afraid of Star. NeNe: “You pressed the last button in me, Miss Star Jones, and I will do you when the rest of these girls will not.” Then, gesturing at Hope: “This is your puppet. And I am not.” Star: “Wow.” NeNe, snarky: “Wow.” Trump, amused: “Wow.” NeNe says she’d actually like to move down by Star and walks to the other end of her team’s lineup. Star tells NeNe that was very unnecessary. Trump asks when this started, and NeNe says it’s been happening since the beginning and everyone’s let her do it, but NeNe’s not taking it anymore. She tells Star she hopes she brought her street game, because that’s what NeNe’s playing. “Now, where’s Barbara Walters?”

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