arsenio hall clay aiken the celebrity apprentice nbc 1 'The Apprentice' recap: Hall of FameJoe was so upset that Aubrey got eliminated, he couldn’t bear to sit through this Arsenio/Clay finale. Frankly, I’m not at all excited about the prospect either, and I couldn’t care less who wins, so let’s get this over with… shall we?

In the grand Probst-ian tradition of ridiculous finale entrances, Trump pretends to be on the phone with the mayor and in dire need of a fast ride (gee, there couldn’t be a certain Andretti available, right) to get to the finale on time. The acting here is insanely awful, not only by Trump, but by all of the fake employees standing around. Even the elevator dude. Outside, there’s a sleek little race car with Mario Andretti (what a major step up from Michael) behind the wheel, and the two (or at least a stunt man on a green screen) drive through the streets of Manhattan. Trump’s hair doesn’t move.

He walks up the steps to the Natural History Museum for the finale where some very excited people are delighted to shake his hand, and Alison Sweeney is in the audience clapping like a loon. There’s some bad camera action that just shows a poorly framed image of Ivanka for a while before Trump reminds us of Clay and Arsenio’s journey to this point. None of it is worth mentioning again, except for that time someone made it rain on Clay. That was the best time.

For the final show, they are in the middle of selling tickets to an event to make cash. They also had to make an ad. It’s the comedians vs. the musicians in an ultimate showdown. If only this were done UFC-style.

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