celebrity apprentice donald trump 'The Apprentice' recap: Walking and TalkingPreviously: The guys’ team won again and Patricia was eliminated, and given that the previous scenes focus on Teresa’s interpersonal issues and Clay and Penn’s feud, look for that to crop up in this episode.

Post-Pinkslip Aftermath:
Aubrey comes back to the apartment weeping, and everybody else kind of indulges her dramatics with smirks on their faces. Penn whispers his support to Dayana quietly, which is such a perfectly Penn thing to do. Dayana is shaken to have lost her girl, and Debbie is worried that the women’s team angst is going to continue to hobble them.

Later, Clay delivers a check to National Inclusion Project, and I guess these things never stop looking incredibly contrived, then? At least Crystal Light got their product placement on the check.

The Task:
The teams will both design and sell a New York City “celebrity guidebook.” The best book will get a $35,000 bonus added to their sales, and the most sales overall will win. Don Jr. and Ivanka will be on the judging panel, and a special “guest celebrity” (Regis, duh, we’ve all seen the promos) will decide who did the best book. Teresa and Dee step up to be project managers.

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