The Artist.jpgActress Kim Novak has sent out a press release and a trade ad (which is not cheap) to express her displeasure about the use of Bernard Herrmann‘s “Vertigo” score
as backdrop for the silent film, “The Artist,” which has been nominated for all sorts of awards and is an early frontrunner for the Best Picture Oscar.

“I want to report a rape,” said Kim Novak, the legendary star of
“Vertigo,” “Picnic.” “My body of work
has been violated by ‘The Artist.’ This film took the Love Theme music
from ‘Vertigo’ and used the emotions it engenders as its own. Alfred
and Jimmy Stewart can’t speak for themselves, but I can. It
was our work that unconsciously or consciously evoked the memories and
feelings to the audience that were used for the climax of ‘The Artist.'”

Yikes! She continued, “There was no reason for them to depend on Bernard Herrmann’s score from
‘Vertigo’ to provide more drama. ‘Vertigo’s’ music was written during
the filming. Hitchcock wanted the theme woven musically in the puzzle
pieces of the storyline. Even though they did given Bernard Herrmann a
small credit at the end, I believe this kind of film making trick to be
cheating. Shame on them!”

Well, that’s a pretty strong reaction, calling this a “rape.” Do you guys want to weigh in here? Let us know what you think.

Posted by:jbusch