marvel the avengers ms marvel carol danvers comics female avengers 'The Avengers': 5 female Marvel characters we'd like to see in the sequel“Marvel’s The Avengers” is poised to break box office records, and fans have been lining up in costume to see the superhero film. “The Avengers” is a bit light on the ladies, and we’ve got a few ideas about which female Marvel heroes should join their male counterparts in the sequel. Hey, director Joss Whedon is known for his fantastic portrayal of women. He’d do a great job with any of these.

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff:

She’s the daughter of Magneto (one way to get the X-Men into the mix). An elder god gives her the power to use magic, in addition to her mutant powers. (She also has a twin brother, Quicksilver.) She manipulates probability with “hexes,” and some versions of her can manipulate chaos magic. She’s a fan favorite. Just imagine the cosplay possibilities.

Wasp/Janet Van Dyne:

If the Ant-Man movie really does happen, this one is pretty likely. She started out as an heiress and a debutante, and a daughter of a scientist. Her father was killed and his associate Henry Pym (Ant-Man) let her use “Pym particles,” which not only allowed her to change size, but to grow wings and shoot blasts of energy called “wasp stings.” They end up together, of course, as bugs are wont to do.

Mockingbird/Barbara “Bobbi” Morse:

This lady marries Hawkeye in the comics and could be an interesting counterpoint to Black Widow. Like those two, she doesn’t have superpowers, but she’s got some serious smarts. She graduated at the top of her S.H.E.I.L.D. class and has a PhD in biology.

She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters:

This green lady is a cousin of Bruce Banner and a highly skilled lawyer. (You know Tony Stark is going to need her for that at some point.) She was a shy young girl who was shot by operatives of Nicholas Trask who is a crime boss her father had dealt with. The only person with the same blood type was Bruce Banner. His radioactive blood and her anger turned her into the powerful She-Hulk. She is frequently funny while fighting, which would fit into the Joss Whedon world very well.

Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers:

By the time we got to “Avengers 2,” we might have explored Iron Man’s alcoholic “Demon in a Bottle” story line. A perfect place to bring in Ms. Marvel, who he helps with the same problem in the comics. Her body is almost indestructible, being a mix of amalgamated human/Kree genes. She’s got superhuman strength, flight, stamina and precognitive senses. 

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