Soundgarden-Avengers-premiere.jpgThe newly reunited band Soundgarden has recorded the over-credits song for “Marvel’s The Avengers” and you can get it right now, for free! It’s not just a tax day freebie. You can download the song from iTunes for no cost until Tuesday, April 24.

The last time the band recorded a new song was way back in 1996. “Live to Rise” is the name of the single and so far seems to have fans happy that the boys are back together. The song is typical Soundgarden fare, though not as angry as some of their previous work. It’s perfect for the film.

More music is supposedly coming from the band. The nineties really are back with a vengeance! Check out the song and let us know what you think. Does this make you want to see “The Avengers” even more? Is that even possible? Give it a listen and send in your critique.

Posted by:jbusch