If you are wasting your time on the grown-up, serious versions of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” you really need to switch over to “The Baby Bachelor.” This ongoing segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live features Jimmy’s nephew Wesley as a young (very young) man looking for love.

Why is it so much better than the originals? Three words: Fantasy Ball Pit.

Having narrowed his future wives down to the final two, Wesley spends episode 3 getting to know Gabrielle and Jesse.

And it’s a good thing he’s not rushing into marriage — one of the girls has a big dark secret to share with Wesley over a romantic dinner of Lunchables. Could it be true that Gabrielle has a baby? Does Wesley’s experience raising a monkey of his own qualify him to be a father?

At least Wesley gets to just have fun with Jesse in the Fantasy Ball Pit. The two even share their first kiss in that romantic location!

Wesley’s journey has been an epic one for this small child. The first episode premiered way back on May 16 — that’s a significant percentage of these kids’ lives! So will Wesley ever find love? It seems that true baby love will have to wait at least until after Wesley meets the girls’ families.

Click here to watch the first two episodes of “The Baby Bachelor.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown