ben courtney bachelor finale 'The Bachelor': Are Ben and Courtney still together?Are Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson still together? Well, the short answer is – sort of. Ben saw the way she behaved on the show and broke up with her for awhile (proving he’s at least slightly sane). But now they are kind of together, working on things. Hmmm.

Looking for a recap of the finale itself? That’s here. Let’s talk about the After the Final Rose …

I missed the first four minutes, so apologies if anything exciting happened. When I joined in, “Bachelor” Ben was talking about how the women kept warning him about Courtney but they never gave him specific examples of why she was bad for him. (That was definitely a quibble I had with their bringing it up to him. They pussyfooted around too much.)

When asked if he was embarrassed watching the show back, he says he was, but because America didn’t get to see the entire side of the story. Hmm. He also says he wishes Courtney could’ve been more gracious in her dealings with the other women.

He also says those incidents led to them not talking – broken up, GASP! – while watching the show back. Seriously, that audience reaction was ridiculous – the production assistants are giving them electric shocks.

Ben addresses some scandalous photos of him with some women and says they are friends and he’s not kissing them in the pictures. He also then says Courtney planted the wedding dress story to divert attention away from his picture scandal. *eye roll*

Courtney comes out and there are definite boos in the audience, heh. She says her fairytale of finding love is spoiled and it’s heartbreaking that peopel boo her, but it’s like – you brought it on yourself! Act like a decent human being and people will root for you! Be a witch and people won’t. It’s not rocket science. And it’s not “sass.” It’s rudeness, lack of social skills and being self-centered.

Is it supposed to matter he broke up with her right before Valentine’s Day, a stupid holiday invented by greeting card companies? The audience members are like, “[Bleep], please.” She then says Ben “abandoned” her and somebody audibly laughs in the audience.

She then says they are still together, she thinks. But she doesn’t really know. And she cries, saying she’s willing to try. Chris Harrison puts on his concerned face and asks her what she needs. She wants a normal relationship and they need to talk – uh, this was not the right show to find a normal relationship.

Now Ben joins Courtney on stage and Chris Harrison plays couples counselor. Ben insists they are engaged and “in a good place.” He also says Courtney is a “low-drama” person and she says she is and the audience laughs. Uh, yeah. What evidence do we have of that?

Courtney then says she can’t trust him completely yet – because he dumped you after seeing you be a totally different person towards the women on the show? Again – self-created problems!

They both say they have doubts about each other. Yeah, we give this six months.

Then after re-living the proposal, they both cry and insist they still have feelings for each other and say there was nothing wrong with them, just the things surrounding them. And how their beautiful moment has been soiled. Not to beat a dead horse, but – guess who soiled it? Not the other girls.

Chris reveals that he has the ring in his pocket and the audience goes, “Murmur murmurmur! Murmur gasp murmur!”

And then Ben places the ring back on her finger and we all barf. The audience only applauds because they are being held at gunpoint. Ben then insists they will have a wedding. Guess who won’t care? “The Bachelor” audience. Seriously, does anybody even care about these guys anymore?

To fill some time since they aren’t letting the women rip Ben a new one, JP and Ashley are brought out to talk about what they’re up to and give their input. Blah blah they feel bad for Courtney blah blah. What else were they gonna say? “[Bleep] has it coming”? I don’t think so.

Chris introduces them after the break as one of “The Bachelor’s” favorite couples – well, since there are only like two, that’s not hard, right?

But anyway, Ashley adorably talks about finishing school and starting her residency in New York. Good for her, that’s great. And now they are starting to plan a wedding and hoping to get married within a year. I hope it’s televised, I actually find Ashley pretty darn awesome.

So, that’s it gang. What did you think of the live reunion show? And are you excited or dreading “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard?
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