Rumors that Jason Mesnick will choose Melissa on next Monday’s Bachelor finale only to dump her during the After the Rose ceremony in favor of runner-up Molly have now given way to a report that attempts to cast Jason in a light slightly more glowing than “cad.”

According to a message board poster on the Reality Steve site, what we’re about to see is indeed along the lines of what was originally leaked but that Melissa’s actions result in Jason’s change of heart, rather than some grand ABC ratings plan.

The poster claims to be a 67-year-old former ABC employee who still knows many people involved with the show.

He says that Jason proposes to Melissa and she accepts. The trouble begins when they return to the hotel and she calls her parents to break the happy news.

As viewers will remember, Melissa’s parents were the ones absent from the hometown visits episode. At the time Melissa said that they were private people who were not comfortable with being on camera. Making things even stranger was the fact that none of Melissa’s friends have ever met them either.

It seems in addition to their hermit-like tendencies, her parents are also not too keen on the potential of a match made on national television. They are against her getting engaged. She returns to Jason and tells him that she thinks they should slow things down and get to know each other better.


Supposedly, Jason does not take this well and then breaks down crying and says that he fell in love with both Melissa and Molly and made his choice based on who he thought wanted to be with him more. Clearly, he was wrong and should have gone with Molly to begin with.

Then comes the After the Rose special where Jason says that Melissa became more and more distant and gave off the impression that she never seriously wanted to see their relationship lead to marriage. Feeling rejected, Jason calls up Molly and starts dating her.

Rumor has it all three key players are on hand to hash out what went down and Melissa ultimately leaves the stage.

So, two versions of the story with the same outcome: Jason picks Melissa, ends up with Molly.

Does this spin on the story make things any better? Or if Jason really loved Melissa would he try to work it out and win over her parents rather than going with the easier Door No. 2 option?

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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