Ashley-Bachelor-Zap2it-320.jpgEvery season, ABC claims that this is the most dramatic season of “The Bachelor,” yet. In just two episodes, this season has lived up to the hype. Someone who actually lived through it was this week’s eliminated bachelorette, Pittsburgh teacher, Ashley Elmore.

“There was no massive breakdown afterwards,” Elmore, 29, tells Zap2it. “No tears. No breaking things. I was pretty composed about it. When I didn’t get the rose, my face did look a bit bummed out. At the end of the day, Jake is a good guy and I want him to be happy.”

Earlier today, Elmore spoke to reporters about Rozlyn-gate, her top picks for Jake’s heart and why she thinks she was eliminated.

How surprised were the women about Rozlyn?
There were girls who had a discussion about it in the house, about how some snuggling or cuddling was going on and there was a group of about six women who had that conversation and kind of brought it to the producers’ attention. I was not one of the girls who had done that, but I was there when some of the chitchat was going on. Despite that, I don’t think anyone thought a sexual affair was occurring. We didn’t even know the details of it or the extent of it. So, even though there were some red flags that went up the girls were still quite surprised when we were informed as to what had happened.

Rozlyn has denied that she had a sexual relationship with the show staffer. Do you think there was one?
I do, but again, I wasn’t there to see the extent of it. I just saw bits and pieces and heard what the other girls had said. In my opinion, it was something that was taken so seriously that a staffer was removed and [Rozlyn] was removed from the show. I don’t think that would be something that would happen for something that’s totally innocent.

Can you give us more specifics about what the ladies saw and who saw it?
There was a conversation between a few of us. We were discussing the flirtation and the incident that occurred. Elizabeth stated that she definitely saw some snuggling up on the couch. Vienna continued to agree with that and was speaking about how Rozlyn was laying on the staffer and had her hand around his thigh area. Gia also had concurred about this. I did see some of the flirting, but the other girls were really upset by what they’d seen and definitely felt the need to verbalize it.

What were the immediate repercussions of Rozlyn leaving?
We were having a lovely cocktail party and having a great time and when the whole situation came to light, the tone had completely changed. It was as if this bomb went off. All of the girls became very emotional, very upset, stressed out. It was just a whole realm of emotions had occurred. If you would have seen the party ten minutes prior, it was a completely different party. Girls were laughing and smiling, talking about Jake and being in love. Then, it turned into something where there were a lot of emotions and a complete state of shock. They were really upset and saw Jake upset. I also think the girls felt an element of betrayal over possibly Rozlyn lying to them. It was really overwhelming for everyone involved and really unfortunate.

Before the rose ceremony, you mentioned Rozlyn was “getting it on” three hours prior to the ceremony. Did something happen?
I think I was just mad and venting [laughs]. I don’t even know where that comment came from. I think I was just assuming she had gotten off a date and something had occurred with the staffer when she got home. That was me being a little harsh. I don’t actually know that for a fact. That was just me venting and talking and maybe making assumptions about something I didn’t necessarily know.

Did you fall in love with Jake?
I did not fall in love with them. I wasn’t there long enough to develop those feelings, but I gotta tell you he was a great, great guy. Maybe if the circumstances were different or we had more time to spend together, I can see possibly some strong feelings developing. He was just wonderful.

Of the women who are left, who do you feel would be the best fit for Jake?
Of course, it’s still early on and I wasn’t there all that long, but there were a few women who I just think are wonderful and beautiful not only on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside. I really became close with Tenley right off the bat. She was just extremely positive and warm and outgoing. And Jake’s such a great guy. I can see him with a girl that possesses those attributes. Just a wonderful sweet girl. She is one of my frontrunners and one that I’ll actually be cheering for.

I also really liked Elizabeth. Her and I hit it off almost immediately, as well. She’s a great girl, also. And I’ve seen some stuff where people didn’t really care for her quite as much. Being around her and getting to know her better, I really saw a really good person in her. She’s going to be one of the girls when I go to the reunion show that I’m going to give a great big hug to and I’m going to be so, so excited to see.

Finally, I really liked Ali, as well. Watching the episode Monday night, I thought how cute her and Jake were. I was just, “Wow. They would be great together.” What I liked about Ali so much was that she was really intelligent and she’s really dedicated to her career. She’s a strong woman. We’ll see if that’s what Jake is looking for or not.

The media has placed Vienna as a front runner to win Jake’s heart. What are your feelings on her?
Vienna is a great, sweet girl, really bubbly, really flirtatious. I just personally didn’t see that strong of a connection between the two of them when I was there. Also, for me, I’m quite a bit older than Vienna. So, for me, I just didn’t view her that strong of a competitor simply because of her age, which clearly was my mistake. Jake really did seem to like her and I’ve also heard she’s a frontrunner. We’ll see, but maybe they have a connection I didn’t know about. At the end of the day, she’s a good person with a good heart, I just thought she was a little young and hadn’t experienced some of the life experiences someone a little older has.

Why do you think you were eliminated?
I was definitely disappointed that I wasn’t feeling all that confident going into the rose ceremony and, of course, when they can only show an hour or two on TV, they can’t show entire conversations. Our conversations were wonderful and they were so fun and you know we were laughing, but we never really had a serious conversation. I don’t really have major drama or a major story to tell and these other women were talking to him and right off the bat Vienna was telling a story about how she ran off and eloped and all these traumatic stories that invoked emotion and possibly helped facilitate a bond. I never had that. I think that actually worked to my demise, because we didn’t have those bonding moments.

The other thing that crossed my mind was that he felt really betrayed that night and he was looking for someone really genuine. I think that my cheery positive outlook can be misconstrued as me being fake or not genuine. Possibly he got rid of me, because he thought I was putting on an act. I certainly was not. I try to always be this way.

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