bachelor final four predictions 'The Bachelor' Final Four spoilers out: Who do you think makes it?Reality Steve is up to his old tricks again, posting supposed details of the entire season of Brad Womack‘s second chance on “The Bachelor.” We’re going non-spoiler here at Zap2it, so we aren’t going to re-post the spoilers.

Please keep spoilers out of the comments — your comments will be deleted if they spoil.

That being said, we thought since the Final Four are out there, we’d pick our own Final Four now that we’ve seen the season premiere.

1. Shawntel, a 25-year-old funeral director and licensed embalmer from Chico, CA
Shawntel is our No. 1 choice after last night’s premiere. She’s pretty, but not in that too-made-up kind of way and she isn’t one of the legion of “Bachelor” contestants who works as a nanny/model/actress/famewhore. We will be so disappointed if she gets knocked out early.

2. Emily, a 24-year-old event planner from Charlotte, NC
We can’t leave Emily off our Final Four list because she’s just so darn likable. Her story is sad, yes, but she’s also sweet and pretty and Brad seemed to really dig her. She also gets credit for not telling Brad about her tragic story right up front.

3. Alli, a 24-year-old apparel merchant from Columbus, OH
It was funny how hard Alli fought for alone time with Brad, much to Renee’s chagrin. She also is just incredibly pretty. She could go far.

4. Lindsay, a 25-year-old first grade teacher from Plano, TX
This fiery redhead has a bit of a home field advantage being from Texas like Brad. She’s also a first grade teacher, which is adorable and awesome, and Brad seemed to like her.

Honorable mentions:

Kimberly: She wasn’t in the first episode that much, but for some reason she really stuck out. Just something about her, we guess.

Jill: Yes, we realize she went home already. We just really liked her and are bummed she got the boot over some other people.

What are your predictions? And don’t forget, NO SPOILERS. Those comments will be deleted.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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