bachelor premiere preview 'The Bachelor' premiere: The Top 10 ladies to watch for“The Bachelor” premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. We’ve gotten a sneak peek of the episode and it’s definitely a fun one. Here are our Top 10 ladies to be on the lookout for during the debut (and definitely get excited for Monica vs. Jenna, pictured above).

The Top 10 Ladies from the “Bachelor” premiere:

  • Lindzi and the horse she rides in on. She claims to have been dumped via a text that read, “Baby, welcome to Dumpsville … population YOU.” We aren’t sure we buy that, but the horse stunt is pretty awesome.
  • Lyndsie no. 2 is the English doppelganger of Melissa from Brad’s season.
  • Jenna is a real-life Carrie Bradshaw, only crazypants. And that is saying something, if you watched “Sex and the City.”
  • Samantha the pageant girl wears her Miss Pacific Palisades sash the first night. It’s just as dumb as it sounds. It would’ve been dumb even if she was a former Miss Universe.
  • Anna lays the bedroom eyes on Ben … and then just walks right on by. Bold move, my friend. Bold move.
  • Monica is a troublemaker who becomes really attached to another girl, Blakeley.
  • Courtney the model thinks she’s better than everybody else. Shocking, we know – though we do agree with her assessment that she can hang back and let the crazies shoot themselves in the foot.
  • Emily the Ph.D girl is studying epidemiology (the spreading of diseases), so she sanitizes Ben before she kisses him. She later raps.
  • Amber no. 1 is from Nebraska and can shoot skeet, which frankly, you do not see enough of on “The Bachelor.”
  • Amber no. 2 plays up the fact that her last name is “Bacon.” It’s kinda gross.

You getting excited for the premiere, “Bachelor” fans?!

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