ali bachelor video 320 'The Bachelor' preview: Ali has second thoughtsTo the best of our knowledge, Ali Fedotowsky won’t re-insert herself into the running for “The Bachelor’s” heart this season. But the show would certainly like you to think otherwise.

Take this clip from Monday’s (Feb. 15) episode. Ali professes to have second thoughts about her decision to leave the show for her job. “I thought that my love for my career could get me through life,” she says. “What I’ve realized since I’ve been back is, my life is without love. Every day I’m away from [Jake], my heart just breaks a little bit more.”

So, she decides to call Jake and see what he thinks of the idea of her possibly returning:

OK. Even setting aside the incredible staginess of that scene — really? Two artfully arranged photos of Jake just happen to be sitting on her bedside table? — we’re not buying. It’s been reported that Ali doesn’t come back to the competition, and in fact has an offer from ABC to be the next “Bachelorette.” So what gives? Is this just another in the show’s bag of most. dramatic. ever. tricks?

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Rick Porter