bachelor finale 'The Bachelor' recap: After the Final RoseAfter the final rose, there are no children singing. There are no flowers blooming. There is Chris Harrison. There is an audience of sad women smiling and applauding. There is Brad asking rhetorical questions, and then welcoming Chantal, who looks great (looks even better). There is Chris Harrison asking her how it felt to have her heart ripped out on national television. She talks about how she went on the show for some fun but developed real feelings. “I was in love with him, and I thought he was in love with me. So it’s hard,” she says. And in the ensuing silence she starts to cry again. Oh, poor kid. Harrison asks her how long it’s been since she’s talked to Brad, and she says it’s been since that final day in South Africa.

So Brad comes out and they hug, and Chantal talks about their instant chemistry, and she asks at what point he knew it wasn’t going to be her. Brad calls it a tough question to answer, by which he means “It was before I had sex with you,” and so dodges by saying he knew early on that he had strong feelings for Emily. She calls him on that, and he says he doesn’t know what to say. “I’ve always sung your praises,” he says. Is that supposed to be better? “I had feelings for someone else, but I kept making you think you had a chance”?

Even Harrison kind of points out that Brad is trying not to get in trouble, and Chantal talks about it some more, and then Chantal is crying again, completely flummoxing Brad. “Oh, wait, you’re crying. I thought you were laughing. Hey, come here,” he says, and he hugs her, which she really should do her best to avoid. And then they talk about how happy they both are, because apparently Chantal has met somebody and is dating, and I feel pretty bad for Chantal’s new boyfriend if he sees the way she’s crying her eyes out over Brad.

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