bachelor after the final rose brad 'The Bachelor' reunion: Are Brad and Emily still together? Perhaps.Brad Womack just chose Emily Maynard on “The Bachelor” finale – and now on “After the Final Rose,” we find out if they are still together.

But first!

Runner-up Chantal O’Brien is of course there and she’s still fairly emotional about the experience, awww. She does look smoking hot in bright red, though. They bring Brad out and they seem to feel a little awkward, but friendly. Until he is talking about the experience and Chantal interprets his words to mean that he knew it was going to be Emily, but he kept Chantal around because she was fun or something.

She doesn’t like the “deserved to be there” comments when it should be “I felt for you and I wanted you there.” Agree with Chantal on that one, that’s the wrong sentiment. She says it feels like he’s discounting their romantic feelings and that’s sort of true, he seemed one way on the show and now he’s making it sound like it was more one-sided or that Chantal “deserved” to be around because she … tried the hardest or something.

He brings up that he hears she is happy and that the guy she’s with is a lucky guy, so she has to spill the beans that she’s been dating someone who is wonderful, but she doesn’t spill his name, so it must not be a “name” anybody would know. Guess Chantal’s not the new “Bachelorette” – my money’s on Ashley H. now, though I’m keeping a slim hope for Shawntel.

Before they bring Emily out, he says he’s more in love with Emily than he’s ever been. He and Chris Harrison also talk about how he was ready to marry Emily while the show was airing, then they discussed having the “After the Final Rose” special be in Anguilla and be their wedding. Wow, that would’ve been cool.

He then has to talk about how they broke up for awhile, as the cameramen find random women who look scandalized in the audience, which is the cheesiest thing ever. Stop that, editors. But he says when they do get married, they will have weathered the trials of a break-up. Hmmm. Just laying the groundwork for the fact that they aren’t going to end up together and they already know that?

Brad says in his mind he’s always been engaged to Emily and he’s not letting her go, but he can’t speak for her. They bring out the woman of the hour and thank God Emily cut off that scraggly hair and made it more natural color. Sorry, but it looked like a bad weave. Her shorter, sleeker, less platinum-y hair makes her look even more gorgeous than she already is.

She agrees that they are still an engaged couple, but it hasn’t been all roses so far. When Chris tells her he spilled the beans about how today was supposed to be their wedding day and she very quietly says “sorry” to Brad and looks uncomfortable. Hmm.

She then says she is not ready to get married because they need to figure each other out – but then the real reason comes out – she is not ready to move to Austin, plus she had a lot to get over watching “The Bachelor” this season. Ughhhh, seriously?! Did you NOT know what this was going to be like? Hmmm. He has the ghost of a dead man looming over him who he cannot possibly live up to in some ways and you have the gall to be upset about the show? Feeling upset is one thing, but bitching him out every week is something else entirely.

Ha, no wonder he was so careful with what he said to Chantal earlier, with Emily backstage. Clearly she is not handling the other women well. Emily also says she looked boring on the show even to her, which – yes. She seemed SO boring.

When Chris Harrison asks them what needs to change in order for them to move forward, Emily says Brad has a bit of a temper and they’ve had some knock-down, drag-out fights. Yikes. Is this scary Jake Pavelka territory?

A big problem she has is that if he fell in love pretty early, then why didn’t he save some stuff for just her? Like a Fantasy Suite, maybe? She says now that everything is over, they can start to be a couple in real life and have a fresh start. Hmm.

Who is skeptical they are still together in any way at this point?

When Chris says in her heart of hearts, will they get married, Emily says, “I know that he has put up with me in my worst of worst and he hasn’t left me and I just love who he is as a person. I know I can’t see my every day life without him in it, so yeah, I absolutely do see us getting married.”


Now “The Bachelor” brings out their greatest hits for some “advice.” Seriously, I think Trista and Ryan are kept in an ABC freezer and just trotted out for appearances like this. Their two kids? Rentals.

Jason Mesnick says, “We’re here to help,” like this is some kind of intervention. OMG. This is ridiculous. They have a lot of nice platitudes, but since I’m feeling like we’ll read about Brad and Emily’s “break up” in a couple months, this is silly.

Chris talks about how the “Bachelor” franchise people are a great family they can rely on (yes, or you can go to “Bachelor” franchise orgies reunions and experience more of the “family”).

Brad and Emily say the franchise couples give them hope, then they watch their engagement, which they haven’t “seen,” but like – who has seen their own engagement? Hardly anyone. They were there, right?

But they watch and laugh and cry. It’s hard to get too worked up over it. They certainly aren’t Jake/Vienna levels of fake, but I am skeptical about this relationship.

Brad then whips out the engagement ring Emily does not have on and it’s sized properly and he kind of re-proposes and puts the ring on her finger. They kiss.

So, are Emily and Brad going to live happily ever after? Let us know in the comments!

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