bachelor ratings feb 19 'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe wishes he'd kept Jackie on the two on one dateIt’s the hour-long “Bachelor” special where Sean supposedly “tells all.” We’ll see about that. Is this going to be a worthwhile use of an hour, or a lot of blah-blah-blah and nothing juicy?

The Desiree Defeat

We have to relive Sean’s struggle over who to send home last night. He says Desiree’s brother had another conversation with him, before what we saw, where Nate seemed to really like Sean. And they show us a clip of it — so what happened?! Weird.

Sean also says that it wasn’t just his visit with her family that sealed her fate. The connection just wasn’t there between them anymore. So, what do you think of the rumor that Desiree is the next Bachelorette?

The Other Girls

They touch on Sarah, which wasn’t really that big of an issue. She seemed like a great girl, but we didn’t really see it between them, so it didn’t really shock us when she got sent home.

Selma and her non-kissing comes up and Harrison says they had “amazing sexual chemistry.” He says it very forcefully, too. Easy there, Harrison.

With Lesley, Sean says that she went home because it felt like she was awkward and holding back. He admits that if she’d said I love you, that might have made a difference. He also says he “fretted” over that decision, which is adorable and hilarious. Is he my 85-year-old grandmother?

It’s weird that they dwell whether he would’ve kept Lesley and Harrison muses, “How fortunes would’ve changed,” because supposedly Sean is engaged to the woman he chooses (no spoilers there, don’t worry), so it’s like — what difference does it make now?

The Tierra Tornado

We relive the Tierra-AshLee fight and Sean marvels at it taking place, and how Tierra was in tears when he got there. But not real tears, let’s be honest. She probably had to keep pinching herself to keep her eyes watering.

Sean’s take watching it back is that he was duped by Tierra. He thinks she never should have come on the show because she doesn’t know how to handle herself in this environment. Well, that’s part of it. But she’s also got the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old.

In hindsight, he also says he wishes he would’ve kept Jackie on the two-on-one.

Then they talk about Montana — apparently the fight between Tierra and Lesley/Robyn/Catherine/Sarah went on for hours. Wow. It’s actually kind of a shame we couldn’t watch that trainwreck for more time during that episode.

Other Tidbits

  • We revisit Ashley, the “Fifty Shades” girl from the first night who got super drunk. Oh, Ashley.
  • Catherine is revealed to have been passing Sean these nerd notes, which is super cute. We probably should’ve seen more of this, since it seems like they have very little spark, the way the show has been edited.
  • Turns out Daniella does a pretty mean Chris Harrison impression. Heh.
  • During the Sarah Darling concert, we didn’t get to see Sean and Lindsay forcing the poor townie extras to let them crowd surf on top of them.

Heading into Overnights

Harrison asks Sean what his expectations are on the overnight dates. He says he’s ready to spend time alone with the women, but that whatever else goes on is nobody’s business. Hmm. That didn’t really answer anything.

What do you think, fans? Worth the watch? Maybe just for the credits sequence of shirtless Sean. Everybody drink!

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