tenley vienna bachelor 'The Bachelor': Team Tenley vs Team Vienna? Zap2it readers weigh inIt seems like everyone can tell it’s coming down to Tenley or Vienna on “The Bachelor,” — especially since Jake’s “Bachelor” massacre took out four women. Which team are you on?

Team Tenley
Mike G: I vote for Tenley. Ali is a trouble maker and really hasn’t expressed any feelings other than her dislike of Vienna. Gia has beautiful hair but might not do well in Texas. I don’t think this version of the Bachelor will result in a marriage. They are down to only 5 and Jake is only in “like” with a couple of them. There has been no talk of any “feelings” for anyone in particular.

Heidi: i like tenley the best. she’s bubbly like jillian is and she’s pretty

Marc: I think Tenley is adorable. I hope Jake thinks so too!

Team Vienna

Angie: I think that Vienna is a real true gurl outspoken and honest, guls are viscious and jelous, they ask her questions she answers, they are all making themselves look awful! Its gotta be hard but they shouldnt say anything nless its nice, just a bunch of drama and poor Jake, its gotta be hard!!!!

Anonymous: what is everyones problem with vienna. I think Ali is the big problem
and she is the one that sucks. Vienna is there for Jake not to try to
make friends with all those braty, stuck-up bimbos.

Brookiebaby: I don’t see what the problem with Vienna is either. This show has not
shown anything about this girl that is making these other girls hate
her, well except for the fact that JAKE LIKES HER!! Lol, seriously,
what has this chick done? She told them about her date with Jake? I
would too, make those other girls jealous, especially since they
already hate you

Team Ratings

Diane: This last episode of sending 4 woman home has me curious. Love or ratings??? keeping Vienna makes all of us wondering…ratings or is Jake looking for a simple lady to kick it back with… Some men just want simple love. This most certainly will bring true colors to the other ladies or RATINGS…

Funniest Comment

HSF: Jake is the Rose Nazi. No rose for you.

Whose side are you on? Vote!

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