emily arie bachelorette dollywood 'The Bachelorette': A blow up and BermudaThe official episode synopsis is out for “The Bachelorette’s” next new episode, airing Monday, May 28 (yes, there’s a new episode on Memorial Day, so don’t forget to set the DVR if you have plans). And it sounds like we are in for the confrontation where one bachelor calls Ricki “baggage” and Emily possibly throws him out.

The episode description details two one-on-ones, with Chris and Arie. Chris and Emily scale a building and have a rooftop dinner, then a private concert from country star Luke Bryan, while Arie and Emily are whisked away for a day at Dollywood, where they are surprised by Emily’s country music idol, Dolly Parton herself.

But the real fireworks start the cocktail party. The episode description says:

The cocktail party provides the backdrop for a bombshell disclosure, as Emily discovers who is ready to be a father and who isn’t. A distraught Bachelorette makes her feelings clearly known. When one of the men tries to comfort her with a kiss, another bachelor is outraged. It’s a rough night, and only 13 men will remain at the end of it to leave Charlotte and move on to the first stop in their world wind tour, Bermuda.

We have a theory we’d like to float by you, fans. So far, the show has really gone out of its way to edit Kalon like this season’s “villain,” despite not really having a lot to go on. As we detailed in our recap from last night, the guys hate Kalon for very petty reasons – he’s confident, he’s well-spoken and smart, he has fancy luggage (for crying out loud). Even his confrontation with Doug at the pool was not really Kalon being a jerk – Doug got a bit self-righteous and Kalon pointed out his hypocrisy. And Doug’s very defensive reaction was very telling.

However, the show keeps editing the storyline that Kalon is a jerk and all the other guys hate him. Which we believe is setting up next week’s blowout with Emily. See, our theory is that Kalon makes the “baggage” comment – but rather than it being disparaging to Ricki, we think he is probably talking about how much baggage in general Emily brings to a relationship.

Which she does. It’s not as though her late fiance is some guy who divorced her and ran off, or was an abusive alcoholic. He died in a tragic accident and left behind a daughter, who should (obviously) rightly know all she can about her father and be a part of his family’s life. But that’s a lot for the guy stepping in as Emily’s new man (possibly husband) to take on. It’s a lot of “baggage,” child included.

But since Kalon has been rubbing the guys the wrong way (for so many stupid reasons), we imagine once he makes that comment that they just can’t wait to go running to Emily to tell her what he said. And Emily, naturally, doesn’t get the whole story – she gets the tattle-tale version and she snaps and kicks Kalon out.

And if the show weren’t editing Kalon to be the “villain” so far, this whole sequence would actually just make Emily look one-sided and a bit fly-off-the-handle. Hence the show’s rather lame attempt at making Kalon out to be the bad guy so far.

Now, we don’t discuss spoilers here with me. That’s another author, so please keep spoilers out of the comments. But this is our theory for what’s going to happen next week. We hope we’re wrong – we actually think Kalon is pretty fun to have to have on the show.

What do you think, “Bachelorette” fans?

emily chris bachelorette date 2 'The Bachelorette': A blow up and Bermuda

emily chris bachelorette date 'The Bachelorette': A blow up and Bermuda
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