andi-dorfman-eric-hill-bachelorette-ABC.jpgTime for part 2 of the two-night “Bachelorette,” which is dramatic in a whole different way than the normal season drama.

Dylan’s Date

Dylan gets the first one-on-one, so get the Kleenex ready because remember how he lost two siblings to drug addiction? Sad stuff. Also, this train ride seems really romantic and makes me want to take a cross-country train trip, but I suspect that the shine would wear off that penny real quick.

The date itself actually gets kind of weird, because Dylan’s past serious relationship comes up in conjuncture with his brother’s death — he and his girlfriend broke up the day after his brother’s funeral. But Dylan doesn’t offer any more details about his brother and Andi, who can read a room at how closed-off Dylan just got, doesn’t press for any more details. It’s really awkward.

dylan-the-bachelorette-ABC.jpgAt dinner, he opens up about his absent father and his siblings’ deaths. He cries and it’s pretty rough, you guys. Man, that sucks so hard. Andi holds it together during their one-on-one time pretty well, but in an interview, she breaks down over how sad it is. She seems very empathetic.

He gets a rose and Andi insists that it’s not a “pity rose.” Now, that may be true, but we all know that she can’t NOT give him a rose after that story. I don’t even think Andi has that in her — it’s not like she’s secretly thinking, “Oh, I don’t want to give this guy a rose, but now I have to.” I thinks he wants to give him a rose, but you know that his terrible story was a factor.

Honestly, I don’t see a spark with these two at all, but he will most certainly be around for a couple more episodes because Andi’s touched and proud of him for opening up like he did. So, it’s not a “pity rose,” necessarily, but feeling bad for him is definitely coloring her decision.

Group Date

J.J., Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick and Josh get the group date and awesomely, it is one of the sports dates where the guys (or girls, if this were “The Bachelor”) are divided into teams and have to play each other. I hope they have to play for more time with Andi because that is always awesome.

First, however, some WNBA superstars are playing with Andi against the guys. It’s actually pretty adorable how excited the guys are to basically get their butts handed to them by WNBA players. But after that little amusement, it’s time to get serious and YESSSSS, the winning team gets to spend more time with Andi and the losers have to go back to the hotel in the Van o’ Tears. YES!

the bachelorette basketball date 'The Bachelorette': Eric Hill leaves, Andi Dorfman and Chris Harrison unpack the seasonThe teams are Team Rosebuds Andrew, Nick, Cody, Eric, Marquel and Brian versus Team 5 Hearts J.J., Chris, Tasos, Patrick and Josh. Why are the teams uneven? Could they not put 12 guys on the date? Or only 10? That’s weird. Also weird are the team names. *sigh*

Anyway, the game is super intense and competitive, which I expected. But it’s pretty awesome. They’re not being a-holes, but they’re definitely playing hard. Of course, playing hard does not necessarily equal playing well because the halftime score is 6-6. Six points? That’s all you got?

Also, did you know that losers eat cereal? Thanks Marquel, the more you know.

After halftime, Brian is knocking down shots left and right and the Rosebuds end up slaughtering the 5 Hearts team. Nick wins best line of the episode when he says, “There have been great defenses in the history of sports — the ’85 Bears, the Ravens of the early 2000s and the Rosebuds of today. We executed with efficiency and the 5 of Hearts can suck it.”

Nick FTW, he’s adorable and hilarious.

Meanwhile, the 5 Hearts team is moping around like their dog just got run over by a car. C’mon, guys. Is time with Andi really what keeps you going? Because if so, some professional help might be in order.

Their depression is not aided by the Rosebuds being given champagne and told by production to yell and run around the locker room spraying champagne like they just won the World Series.

During the after-party, Andi and Eric take some alone time because Andi seems to think that their relationship has stalled out, which is a weird thing to think after knowing someone for like two weeks. But Eric seems to agree with her — apparently their time during group dates has been stiff and awkward.

However, now that they’ve recognized the problem, the ice seems to thaw and they are comfortable with each other again. Eric opens up about leaving the Mormon church and how hard that was for him. It’s a nice conversation for them.

Then Brian continues to impress Andi even more by making a half-court shot and it’s legit — it does not appear they were there trying to get this footage for like 30 minutes or something, Andi’s surprise seems too genuine. But it’s adorable and Andi is super hot for Brian and he BLOWS IT. He misses his chance to kiss her. Oh, Brian.

But Nick is there to pick up the kissing slack, because he goes right for some smoochies and thigh-touching when he gets alone with Andi. Woo woo, Nick. But he doesn’t get the rose because Brian is such a baller. A half-court shot always gets a rose.

Marcus’ Date

Marcus gets the patented daredevil date, which always leads to plenty of metaphors, so have your wine at the ready.

Andi is freaking out about having to rappel down the side of a building, which admittedly looks terrifying. Marcus is also scared, but he says he needs to be the man and hide his fear. He actually does a nice job of talking her through it and also distracting Andi by asking her about her mom. Then hilariously, Andi takes some time to smooch Marcus, right before they rappel right down the window of the guys’ hotel suite. The guys are pounding on the glass and being … jerks is too strong a word, but they’re being pills.

marcus-andi-bachelorette-ABC.jpgMarcus gets a big thumbs up from Andi after how he handled that and I’ll give him one as well. He was very kind and fun during that whole excursion.

At dinner, they get all schmoopy about how much they like each other. It’s fine and Marcus seems nice, but this pairing isn’t really setting the screen ablaze for me. Am I off base? Leave your thoughts in the comments, because maybe it’s me.

Also, Andi talks about conquering fears and stepping off ledges and whatnot, take a few drinks.

Then! Drink some more because we have our first “love” of the season. Marcus tells Andi he’s falling in love with her. Wow. What is this, episode 4? Geez.

The Love Letter/Cocktail Party

Andi gets a letter delivered to her room and please god, let it be from Chris Bukowski. Let him be waiting in the hallway! That would be amazing. Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out who it’s from. It’s merely signed “your secret admirer.” Dun dun dunnnnn
n. At the party, she actually tells the guys about the love letter, which is interesting.

Brian takes his alone time with Andi and adorably, he takes her back to the basketball court to re-do their time from earlier so that he can take his chance to kiss her. She loves it.

What else she loves is Marquel cracking her up by teaching her self-defense moves. It’s kind of weird, but it’s also cute.

The night takes a dramatic turn when Eric comes to Andi and says he’s been giving it a lot of thought and he thinks that he’s been really real with her and she’s been … acting with him. Like, she hasn’t been as real as she was during their one-on-one date. Unfortunately, once Eric calls her a “TV actress,” that’s all she can hear.

He says she’s had a poker face on and Andi kind of freaks out. She says she 100 percent respects that he is being honest with him, but she says that she’s trying so hard to do right by the bachelors and she’s offended by what he’s saying.

It’s interesting because maybe he has a point — this is a TV show and she probably is “on” at times and he wishes she were more real, like how she was on their one-on-one date. But Andi just feels criticized and reads it as Eric calling her fake, which I don’t think he’s doing.

She then just lays it all out there and says it isn’t going to work between them. She says she can’t fight for someone who doesn’t believe in her and that’s pretty much where it ends. She goes back to the guys and says that she’s “exhausted” and “trying so hard” because she’s taking this seriously, but maybe that’s Eric’s point — you maybe shouldn’t be exhausted or trying that hard, you know? That’s what’s fake, maybe?

Eric leaves and you have to think that when she is finally told by production what happened to Eric, she must have been devastated about how their final conversation went, you know? If it were me, I’d be having total survivor’s guilt, thinking that if I’d kept him around, maybe we would have worked it out and he’d still be alive, you know? Because he wouldn’t have gone home and been in that accident. It’s fruitless to think that way, but that’s how I would feel and I bet that is one of the many feelings Andi has when she finds out.

As he leaves, Eric says he’s ready for a family, which is heartbreaking in light of the fact of what happens to him. But he also says that he didn’t mean what happened with Andi to come off the way it did and he wanted to stay. I’m kind of with him on this one — he could have chosen his words better, but I think Andi overreacted a bit.

The Postlude

After commercial, Chris Harrison talks us through Eric’s last scene and how he was killed back home after filming and how this week, there’s no rose ceremony but instead is Chris and Andi talking about Eric.

Andi admits they just weren’t compatible, but she’s of course regretful about their last conversation and how they parted ways. She also says finding out about his death changed her, made her realize what is more important than getting caught up in the little nitpicky details of the show and the dates.

Harrison also reveals that there was a rose ceremony that night and Tasos was the one who was eliminated, but it didn’t feel right to show it right after Eric left the show.

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