Thebachelorette_290 Tonight on “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose,” it appears that Jillian and Ed are still together and actually possibly in love, so good for them.

The “Dancing with the Stars” sweetheart is back and doing well. After reliving the stupid finale from her season where Jason looks like a huge asshat, Melissa informs us that she’s doing great and is engaged to her once-ex-boyfriend Todd.

We relive his journey and he says it was tough and that he was in love with her, but I still don’t totally buy it. Sorry, guys. Jillian comes out and they hug. She tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong and he made her feel very loved and she just wants him to be happy. Kiptyn says there’s no hard feelings and that he’ll always appreciate and respect her. Much nicer than the last “After the Final Rose” show.

This time he’s got the full-on suit. I really think he would make a much more interesting Bachelor than Kiptyn, I think Reid is a crack-up and Kiptyn’s kinda boring. Anyway, he still just wants to kick himself for not telling her how he felt when she wanted him to say it. Reid is totally cute, talking about buying a ring and hoping that she’d pick him. Awww. He also says that a piece of him is missing since she didn’t pick him.

Jillian comes out and they hug. She says that he’s awesome and thanks him for coming back and gets very emotional. He says he doesn’t regret doing it and hesitates and that she made her decision and he can’t change it. It’s interesting because Jillian is more concerned with his feelings and how he’s been doing and if he’s okay, not that she’s conflicted about the decision she made. Her emotion is about hurting Reid, not that she thinks she should’ve picked him. She talks about how happy she is with the “person she’s with right now,” which it’s weird she doesn’t say Ed.

Reid then hints around wanting to ask about the Fantasy Suite and I don’t know if he means his or Ed’s, but I think he means Ed’s little problem. Heh heh. Audience question from a lollipop who giggles a lot. Gross. She asks him out and I hope he asks for ID. His first question is “How old are you?,” so good for him.

Ed and Jillian
Jillian says they are a real-life couple, so if that’s true, that’s cool. Ed comes out and they smooch and it looks more real than a lot of couple reunions on this show. Ed says he’s extremely glad that he came back and he’s so happy. He says he knew he was going to propose in Spain. They talk about the proposal and smooch some more, but Jillian seems to be kissing him weirdly. Am I alone in this?

Chris asks them about the future and they say that Jillian is coming to Chicago for awhile and move in with Ed. They have family reunions and weddings to attend this summer and then she’s moving on September 1st. They say they will probably get married in the next 12 months. Wow, bold.

Audience question time. The first girl asks about the mankini shorts. Seriously, dude. It looked like he stole Jillian’s bikini bottoms. Second question is about bedroom problems and they say there are no more bedroom problems. Chris then gets the line of the night in, “A great country & western singer once said, ‘Love, it don’t come easy.'” Snerk. I heart Chris Harrison.

There is no announcement about the next Bachelor, which is interesting. I hope it’s Reid or Jake. You can vote at Thanks for reading, gang! See you back here in the fall!

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