jillian harris melissa rycr 'The Bachelorette': Jillian Harris' breakup surprises Melissa RycroftMelissa Rycroft and Jillian Harris went through “The Bachelor” grind together, and both of them appeared to come out the other side pretty well. Which is why Rycroft is so surprised that Harris and her “Bachelorette” fiance, Ed Swiderski, have called it quits.

“I really thought Jill and Ed were going to make it,” Rycroft tells Zap2it. “The several times I talked to her, they were very happy. She moved to Chicago; she left her life in Canada behind to come here and make a life with him. I know they were moving to San Francisco for her job, and they seemed to make each other a priority.

“It is a surprise that they didn’t make it. I had my money on them.”

Now married to Tye Strickland, Rycroft admits relief over being off the “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” path, though she rejoins Chris Harrison to host the ABC spinoff “Bachelor Pad” starting Monday, Aug. 9. She says her time as a “Dancing With the Stars” contestant enhanced her identity with the public, especially coming right on the heels of her “Bachelor” stint.

Rycroft says she watched Monday’s (July 5) breakup interview with Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi on “The Bachelorette.” She’s glad that controversy has thrust her own Jason/Molly/Melissa triangle farther into the “Bachelor” past, but she questions the impact of Pavelka joining “Dancing” so soon after his “Bachelor” finale.

“I guess the only concern I’d have had would have been about his relationship with Vienna,” she says. “When [‘The Bachelor’] is airing, it’s probably three months after it actually happened … so in terms of the relationship, they couldn’t see each other those three months.

“Once the show aired, and he then went to do another one, there was that fear of whether they actually had time to be a real couple. And nobody knows what happens behind closed doors.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin