kirk ali bachelorette 'The Bachelorette': Kirk gets stuffed“The Bachelorette” sees Ali heading to the hometowns and a not-that-surprising elimination. Also — taxidermy and a creepy freezer! God bless fathers, right?

We jump right into hometown dates on the show, so let’s do that here too!

Roberto’s Hometown Date, Tampa, FL
They kick things off with a visit to his college baseball field for a little … time to play with balls? Get to second base? A little “Paradise by the Dashboard Light?” Heh heh. Ali clearly is not a softball player, but she’s a decently sporty girl. It’s very cute. He then gives her his baseball card, which is admittedly awesome. He played for her hometown team during his minor league time, so that’s a cool coincidence.

With the family, Ali meets dad Roberto Sr, mom Olga, brother Peter, sister Olga and sister-in-law Kristen. Roberto Sr. is convinced that his son is clearly good enough for anyone, but he wants to make sure Ali is good enough for his son. He talks to her and gets concerned that she’s maybe too career driven. I think she wins him over? But it’s hard to tell.

Roberto then tells his mom that he’ll probably propose if given the chance and asks for his mom’s blessing, which she gives him. Olga just wants him to be happy. Yay mom! The family the shows off their dancing skills and that’s amazing. What a fun time!

Chris’s Hometown Date, Cape Cod, MA
Aww, cutie dog! Seriously, could I love Chris MORE? I could not. You know what else I could not love more? Ali’s boots. Want. They walk along the beach with his dog and it’s just so beautiful and picturesque and foggy and romantic. Lovely.

Chris interviews about how his mom got to meet his brothers’ wives and she won’t get to meet his wife. I can sympathize in that I feel that way about my grandparents, which is not at all the same level of sadness, but it makes me get all teary-eyed anyway. That’s so hard.

They sit on the porch like a cute married couple and it’s just very comfortable. Finally his dad Ed comes home with the brothers Mark and Erik and wives Megan and Sarah. I am totally smitten with the family, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Pick Chris! CHRIS!

The spread of seafood is also amazing — mmmm, oysters. The bracelets come up and there’s a nice moment with the sisters-in-law and the family motto of “love is the only reality.” Ed then tells the story of meeting his wife Margie at a bar. She knew on the spot that she was going to marry him. Awww.

Later Ed talks with Ali and just can’t say enough about Chris. Meanwhile, his brothers and sisters-in-law seem to really like her but they are worried about him because of the nature of the show. Later, Ed and Chris talk about his mom and not getting to introduce his wife to her, but Ed says that on one hand that’s true, but on the other she’s up there helping orchestrate all this. Aww, tears again! Team Chris!

Before they leave, he shows her his tower (I don’t exactly know what that is or where it came from, but it’s super cool). And they hug and smooch. Awww. Am I the only one who thinks Chris looks like a really good kisser? Oh yeah.

Kirk’s Hometown Date, Green Bay, WI
So they jump right in to the family time because Kirk has two households. And they are barely there a few minutes (if the editing is to be believed) before his dad takes Ali down to his Lair of Taxidermy. Yeah, that would make me uncomfortable too. He also has a freezer down there where he keeps human heads animals parts. And other frozen treats. Heh heh.

I love the accents, just btw. I keep waiting for Kirk’s dad to call Ali a “hoser.” Snerk. Kirk and his family seem super-sweet, especially that adorable sister of his, but I just don’t see it with Kirk or his family. There is a cute montage of soccer, though. Ali looks much more at home with the soccer ball than the baseball.

At Kirk’s mom house, she meets his grandma, mom and sister. What a bunch of hearty blonde German Wisconsin folk. Love it. Grandma keeps saying “cheesy potatoes” and cracking me up. Grandmas rule. The women in Kirk’s life seem to really like Ali, so it wins me over a bit on him moving forward. But I’m still not sure about Kirk.

Frank’s Hometown Date, Chicago, IL
Frank and Ali take a boat ride on the Chicago river. I’ve been on one of those — can you say booze cruise? Hells yeah. Ali makes a “future in-laws joke” and Frank about swallows his tongue with a hesitant, “Yeah!” Snerk. Don’t panic, Frankie.

He then is too much in his head, worrying about whether things are real and stuff. Is this just a big set-up for the dramatic confrontation coming in Tahiti that they’ve been teasing in the previews? Hmmm. My “Bachelorette” spidey sense is tingling.

When Ali meets the fam, Frank’s mom says that she feels like dinner is just any old dinner they’re having after Ali’s been around for years. Awww. Frank’s sister Becky is more hesitant. They agree that Frank is emotional and scared and why it seems like he’s half a second away from a total meltdown. It seems to go pretty well, with Ali saying that she thinks there’s a real possibility of her ending up with Frank at the end.

Chris Harrison blahblah time
Ali and Chris have to rehash all the things we just saw. I mean, what is she going to say? “I didn’t really like so-and-so, so I’m not giving this-guy a rose.”  Please.  Move it along.

But you know what I love? Ali’s pink rose dress. Very nice. She does say she feels stronger about some of the guys now then she did about Jake when she took him home to meet her family and she cries thinking about sending someone home. Awww.

Rose Ceremony
Ali can barely speak during the ceremony, she obviously doesn’t want to hurt anyone and doesn’t want anyone to think that it had nothing to do with their families. I have to confess, even if you hadn’t fallen for one or more of them, it would still be hard to cut somebody after meeting their families and seeing how they are together.

The roses go to Roberto, Chris and Frank. Kirk looks pretty crushed. Awww, poor guy. They say their goodbyes and Ali is really sad but kind of reiterates my sentiments in that they just weren’t good together. Kirk takes it like a man and is very gracious and nice.

Next week — Tahiti!  And Frank-o-drama.

What do you think, guys? Was Kirk the right guy to go home?

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